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Starting XI Against Milan In Dubai

30 Dec

UntitledAre you ready to go? Here’s the starting line up. Continue reading

Real Madrid In Dubai, Part II

29 Dec

Satellite (23)So much going on! Fans in Dubai had Blanco mania. Everywhere the team went scores of them were waiting and cheering on the team. Continue reading

Real Madrid In Dubai, Part I

29 Dec

Satellite (9)Dang, the boys are sure making the most of their time in Dubai. I hope they’re not too tired to play tomorrow because it seems like they’ve been going non-stop since they arrived. Continue reading

Off To Dubai!

28 Dec

Satellite (5)The team took off this evening for Dubai where they will play AC Milan on Tuesday. A bit of bummer news though… Continue reading

Training Catch Up, Arrival In Sofia & A Sernando Reunion To Look Forward To!

30 Sep
Satellite (7)

Thumbs up in stereo

Well, the week has flown by and the team is already in Sofia (for the first time in 35 years)! I’ve been in the midst of a couple of work-related all nighters with a couple of more to come so I’m going to try to get a bunch of posts up tonight (the watishista correspondents have been taking up the slack and producing some goodies).  So this is a very quick and dirty catch up. Continue reading

First Full Training Of The Pre-Season

5 Aug

Satellite (3)Finally everyone is back home and training together!  Sami, Angel & Marcelo returned from their vacations while newbies Toni & Keylor joined in for the first time. Continue reading

Hanging Out In Doha

2 Jan
Dude, I am so sure Xabi LOVED that.

Dude, I am so sure Xabi LOVED that. I can tell by his face.

Greetings from snowy New York where we’re at the start of what is apparently a blizzard. The wind is howling and the snow is swirling. Good times fun! Got up to watch the match this morning and see our bebe Jese score the first goal of 2014 (he also had the last RM goal of 2013)! Start as you mean to go on, Jese! While they were in Qatar, they visited the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence. Continue reading

And…They’ve Arrived!

1 Jan

347-929-_HEL9991Thumb,8Took me so long to get the other post up (researching Sergio’s shirts, because C‘MON!) that the team has already arrived in Doha. They’ll be concentrated in the Torch Hotel until match time tomorrow. Continue reading

Off To Doha!

1 Jan
Some things never change.

Some things never change.

They say “Start as you mean to go on” so I guess we have another year of Karim Benzema: Forever Alone to look forward to. Actually, I’m sure if The Baby was called up, they would have been sitting together. Varane isn’t the only one not making the trip to Qatar, however. Sami & Fabio are still in recovery and Gareth is being rested. Iker stayed home to await San Baby (He’s waited how long? He’s not going anywhere till he has that kid in his arms and probably not very far after. I can totally imagine him giving everything up and becoming a house husband once he finally gets his woobins). Continue reading

Final Training Before Malaga, Presser, Etc.

18 Oct

494-13-_HES1555Thumb,36The team had their final training before tomorrow’s match with Malaga and jumped on each other like a bunch of hyperactive puppies. The Baby is going to sit this match out as a precaution. LLorente has been called up from the reserves. Continue reading