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Lotsa Bits & Bobs

4 Jun

My oh my, much going on but we’re all still reeling from The Ramos and his new hair, so I’ve dragged myself out of mourning just long enough to put together a post. I have to catch up on the all the La Roja stuff, but that’s going to need to be later. Great news! Marcelo is on Webstagram! He’s posting lots of great pictures. Here are just a few. Continue reading

One Big Reason To Support Ireland In The Euros

24 May

And that reason is to make up for the horror and indignity of them having to suffer through Jedward singing their support song.  This is disturbing on an epic scale. It’s absolutely painful to watch. Poor Ireland! They didn’t deserve this!  I can imagine watishista forzasusan is headdesking in despair somewhere on the other side of Manhattan even as we speak. It’s not pouring in NYC right now, that’s the rivers of tears from distraught Ireland fans who have seen this. Oy. A tip of the hat to Futfanatico for discovering this travesty.

– Lozil

Keeping Up With The Gutis Part 3, Smoochy Face Pretty Boys, The Alonso Brothers Troll El Pirata, Kickstarter

9 May

Guti and Romina were at a Rosa Clara party in Barcelona looking good (no comment on what he’s wearing – she looks lovely). It seems like Guti has definitely cleaned up that monstrosity on his chin. But sad news! They’ve postponed the wedding.  Continue reading

“I Want You To Be My Feet”/Iker Gets Spring Fever/Soccer Hipsters

12 Mar

Real Madrid unveiled a new pre-Champions League video today, where the boys implore us to be right in there with them tomorrow. Continue reading