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Dealing With Hate: Adidas Football Gamedayplus Episode 7

21 Feb

This excerpt from the first Gamedayplus of 2015 asks players how they deal with criticism from the fans.

The full episode of Gamedayplus is here and includes interviews with Gary Cahill and Fabian Frei.

– Lozil

Nando-ed Up In Blue

7 Apr

Chelsea’s launched their 2014-2015 kit with the “Forever Blue” campaign which means we get to see plenty of players being subjected to all sorts of whimsy. Remember the blue body paint last year? This year, they made blue statues out of the players’ most memorable Chelsea moments. Which means they had to cover them in plaster. FUN! There are two “Behind The Scenes” videos after the jump.

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adidas Gamedayplus | Making the UEFA Champions League Finale Ball

10 Feb

The adidas football channel had this interesting little bit on how the Champions League final ball was made. Thought I’d share it… Continue reading

I Found My Thrill On Blueberry Hill

5 Apr

article-2304607-191B282D000005DC-562_964x729 I’m supposed to be at a party even as we speak (I’m late in fact), but they’re all going to have to wait while I update the blog. Too much going on! Thanks to watishistas Cosi & draconic_voices who sent me the link to more pictures from the new Chelsea campaign that were on the Daily Mail website. After the jump, there’s a ton of pictures of boys being splattered with paint and a making of video. As ever, if you want to see the pictures in the gallery in a larger format (and why wouldn’t you?) click on the first piccy and you can scroll right through! Continue reading