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Sigh. I Love These Dorks.

28 Mar

Team DoofusMarcelo & Iker getting Instagram was the best thing ever because we’re gifted with pictures like this. The caption? “We are watching for u…  #wrongeyes” I love when Geeker comes out to play and sends Ol’ Grumpy Grandpa Casillas to his corner.

– Lozil

Monday Training, Diego’s Presentation, Placido’s Spiffy New Hat And More

28 Jan

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (11)This day is the sort of Monday that your mama warned you against. The kind that makes you want to stay in bed and pull the covers back over you, turn off your phone and hide for a month, whimpering. I am NOT having a good day y’all. Thankfully, it looks like Michael Essien is having a better one. The team had their first training before Wednesday’s Clasico. Ugh. What this week sure didn’t need was one of those. Sigh. Continue reading

Arrival At The Bernabeu, Some Bits & Bobs

15 Jan

Llegada (5)Our very determined gentlemen have arrived at the Bernabeu for the match against Valencia which kicks off in a few minutes. Continue reading

Geeker Trains Doce

8 Dec

Oh Geeker. He posted this video while he was training Doce.  “No. No. No. No. No. No. NO! NO! NO! Si! Si! Si!” ::headdesk:: Continue reading

Iker Officially Declares War On Shiggers

31 Oct

I choked on my tea when I saw this. Listen, Iker, she stuck by you when you looked like a highlighter. She’s taken the stripey socks in stride without comment. She even forgave you for your (not so) hilarious Dia de los Santos Inocentes joke last year. She’s fiercely defended your hair at every turn and THIS is how you repay her? I’m hoping that this is just your idea of a scary Halloween costume (which definitely works if you’re Shigs) because I envision her eyes narrowing right now as she looks at this and trust me, honey, you would not like her when she’s angry.

More bits and bobs to follow shortly.

– Lozil


Bits & Bobs: When Ikers Troll And More

4 Oct

Geeker & Doce hit the playground

Dear Job That Pays Me So That I Can Afford My Internet Connection,

Why you want to make me work so hard and keep me away from the important things in life like posting pictures of hot men or recapping footy games? PRIORITIES, LEARN THEM.

Love, Lozil

So yeah, busy again. It’s going to be this way until November 15 and just get worse the closer we get to that week. So I’m doing yet another drive by.  Lots of Iker today! Continue reading

Cris Interview, Leftovers, Muppet Babies Gone Wild, Half Naked Sergio

23 Apr

King Thumbs Up was interview for bwin.com and here are the excerpts from the Real Madrid website. Continue reading

Iker Adorably Attempts To Speak Russian

20 Apr

Guess his Russian is just about as good as his English. Where’s Google Translate when you need it, Geeker?! Watishista Pame was kind enough to send us a link to this super cute video. Thanks so much, girl! This is FABULOUS and just what we needed on this pre-Clasico evening. Any Russian-speaking watishistas care to translate for us?

– Lozil

Beware Of The Bull

12 Apr

Three cheers for handsome victorious boys!  Sergio tweeted this “fotito” of his pals and said “Sakatuqui..!!” Translation, please? I think I may have drank something called a Sakatuqui last night. Continue reading

Training, Potential Berserker Rage On The Horizon, Flexibility Is Veddy Veddy Nice Indeed

7 Apr

Woof! Hello, Pipita Applebum. Nice to see you again.

Los Blancos trained again today in advance of tomorrow’s Valencia match (which I thought was today – lucky my Easter brunch is set for earlier in the day tomorrow). Continue reading