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F**king Hypocrite & More

29 Apr

For those of you who missed Sepp’s latest lip service yesterday, here it is. Continue reading

This? Repulsive.

31 Jan

BB9G73GCcAAhLRjSome a-hole Real Madrid “fan” was caught on camera making monkey noises at Dani Alves during yesterday’s match. What a douchebag. Three cheers however, for the fan who held up a sign saying “The team doesn’t matter, to racism you say NO” Damn straight you do.

Alves wants (and rightfully so) some sort of action from Spanish footballing authorities. I’d like to see our club speak out about this, find the fan and ban them along with any others responsible. This is bullshit. Please, Real Madrid, stand up to the arseholes. Make us proud by taking a strong stance. It’s long past time for some concrete action.

(Thanks to @pinpanpam for the picture and translation)

– Lozil

Wackass Bullshit

7 Jun

The Iranian women’s football team were banned from playing, moments before an Olympic qualifier against Jordan, because of their strip. Photograph: Ali Jarekji/Reuters

Iran’s women footballers banned from Olympics because of Islamic strip

Iran’s dream of competing in the London 2012 Olympic women’s football tournament have been crushed by an unexpected ruling that their Islamic dress broke Fifa rules, said a football federation official in Tehran.
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Are You F***ing Kidding Me?!

26 May

Wow. This interview just popped up on my Twitter feed and my eyebrows shot into the stratosphere.
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