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The Daily Drool: Torsten Frings

16 May

OMG! Chest hair! It’s almost like it’s not allowed (well at least in La Liga)! Thankfully, Torsten plays in the Bundesliga where you can rock the manliness. He’s been a defensive midfielder with Werder Bremen since 2005. He began with the German U-21 team in 1997 and then up to the first team from 2001-2009.  In this picture, I think he looks like a member of mid-90s indie rockers Gin Blossoms. He certainly wouldn’t look out of  place in the Hey Jealousy video, that’s for sure. Hmmm, as a matter of fact, yesterday’s Drool, Edinson Cavani would fit in as well. Maybe we should put together an all ‘baller Gin Blossoms cover band?