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Hella Creepy Yet Somehow Mesmerizing

9 Apr

Nuri Sahin apparently needs a moment alone with his new Nike boots. GET A ROOM! #Awkward

– Lozil

Diamonds On The Soles Of His Shoes*

14 Jan

035_W94A2810_native_1600(*Well, actually, the sides of his shoes, but honestly, they’re frigging diamonds so does it really matter and why would I pass up a chance to paraphrase Paul Simon?) To celebrate, Crispy’s 3rd Ballon d’Or, Nike has made him a very special boot featuring his name in microdiamonds. As you do. Continue reading

Some Social Media Distraction

1 Oct

This is a fly-by post, as there’s so much to update that I don’t think I can back track that far. I’m also taking a break from writing a paper on Norse mythology while my roommate plays Destiny. He’s killing aliens and I’m writing about Thor. This really is Avenger Tower… Continue reading

Training, G-Money For Adidas, Bad News, Good News, Fashion!

13 Mar

Satellite (9)The team had their third training session of the week in preparation for their away match on Saturday with Malaga. Fabio & Sergio returned to the group. Continue reading