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Updated: International Duty Time

14 Aug

International duty time is upon us again and right before the Liga’s first game. These guys must be exhausted! 14 members of the first team have been called up to represent their countries. First up, Spain… Continue reading

Oh FFS! What The Hell Were You Thinking Pepe Reina? Or Were You?

29 Feb

Considering all the brouhaha going on in Liverpool right now surrounding race issues, you would think that players would be treading carefully so as not to cause any more offense. Think again.  Spanish insurance company Groupama created (and subsequently pulled under pressure) this ad featuring Pepe Reina. I’ll let Operation Black Vote tell you why they are pissed off, though it should be fairly obvious.  Extremely ill advised and in very poor taste, managing to piss off blacks and gays in one fell swoop. Well done, arseholes. I just can’t EVEN. Ew. I love Pepe Reina but how the hell could he even think this was appropriate?!

– Lozil