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World Cup 2014- Group B- Match Report: Netherlands 2 – Chile 0

23 Jun

dutchWorld Cup 2014 Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Draw.

It looked like this match was going to be a scoreless one, but the Oranje played a ridiculous final twenty minutes in which they scored twice. They finished out the group stage in dominant form with this victory. Continue reading

World Cup 2014- Goup B- Match Report: Australia 0 – Spain 3

23 Jun

2382488_big-lndThe Spanish players wore black and their goal celebrations were subdued, prompting more than a few “This is Spain’s funeral” remarks from the Spanish media, but in a game played solely for pride, this team made me proud. They and their Australian opponents will go home with a lot to think about, certainly, but today they played a great game of football. Continue reading

World Cup 2014- Group B- Match Report: Spain 0 – Chile 2

18 Jun

larojaIt’s all over for Spain. I don’t have words- in any language- for how I’m feeling right now, you guys. My thirteen-year love affair with soccer began in Spain; it began with Spain. I hate to see them go out like this. That said, Chile played an incredible game- one that effectively kept Spain from playing theirs- and I have to give them their due for that.

And I have to give all of you a match report, so here it is… Continue reading

World Cup 2014- Group B- Match Report: Australia 2 – Netherlands 3

18 Jun

tumblr_n7dmqoP5Vl1qj5qufo7_500The Socceroos put up another impressive fight, but, in the end, it wasn’t enough against the determined Dutch team. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group B News Round-Up

17 Jun

tumblr_n77xqf0TGx1t710zlo1_500Hello, everyone! It’s been a fantastic few days of football, hasn’t it? Our boys in Group B have been training for their next matches. No one’s caught them skinny-dipping, or managed to get Spain’s roommates list (I still live in hope), but here’s the good news and the bad news… Continue reading

World Cup 2014- Goup B- Match Report: Chile 3 – Australia 1

13 Jun

Chile AustraliaThese might not be the best two teams in the tournament, but both of them are looking to make an impression here in the group stage. Their opening match had speed and stunning passes, dramatic goals and equally dramatic goal-line clearances. Australia went two down in the first fourteen minutes, but the Socceroos fought back and turned what some predicted would be a one-sided goalfest into an exciting game of football. Continue reading

World Cup 2014- Group B- Match Report: Spain 1 – Netherlands 5

13 Jun

Oh, the joy and the agony of covering the group in which my favorite team plays. Right now it’s mostly the agony, but on I go… Continue reading

Updated: World Cup 2014 – Group B: This Dutch Fan and His Truck Are Awesome

12 Jun

Now this is dedication: Ben Oude Kamphuis has driven from San Francisco to Brazil to see the Netherlands play in the World Cup. You can read the full story here.

– -Katie Ann

UPDATED: I’ve updated the CBS story link but I found a terrific bit on him in Sports Illustrated. Turns out it’s been taking him so long because he’s been stopping along the way to volunteer and speak in schools about sport as a way to combat racism and discrimination. He’s a pretty cool guy. He works with disabled children and adults in a city gardening program back home in San Francisco. The children he works with are the ones who painted Nellie to get her ready for the trip. I’m so glad the link broke! I was able to find out much more about him.

– Lozil


World Cup 2014 – Group B: Baile Con La Roja

12 Jun

Sadly, our Spanish boys haven’t shared their hotel room list, but our beloved carebear, Juan Mata, did take to Twitter to share their music! Continue reading

World Cup 2014: The Sernando Love Train Rolls On

12 Jun

tumblr_n70el2y6wy1qc78ubo1_1280Yeah, I’m still awake. I’ve been trying to go to sleep and I’m just tossing and turning. One. More. Post. I swear! Then I’m really going to bed. Sernando seems to be making up for lost time with the constant bromancing. Continue reading