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World Cup 2014 – Group E – A Belated Wrap-Up

28 Jun

Gulliver Valbuena celebrates his goal among the Brobdingnag people. (@ICEViral)

My sincerest apologies, gang. I’ve been quite remiss in keeping up with my blogging duties. It’s been a bit messy around these here parts lately, so I hope you’ll forgive the delay. That said, here’s a quick recap of all the good stuff you may have missed! Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group E – Match Report: Switzerland v. Ecuador; Bits & Bobs

18 Jun
An Ecuadorean fan readies for the match (Fernando Llano/AP).

An Ecuadorean fan readies for the match (Fernando Llano/AP).

You could make a really solid argument that this match was better than the three-goal thriller that was France v. Honduras. The teams were more evenly matched, you got a real sense of both teams’ strengths and weaknesses—and nothing beats a last-minute winner, right? That said, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group E: Match Recap—France v Honduras

16 Jun

France showed up to this match with only one thing in mind: redemption. I’d say that mission was soundly accomplished, wouldn’t you? And with style, too. It was an afternoon of thrilling goals, technical snafus, a red card and the long-awaited introduction of goal-line technology! What a match! Continue reading

Group E: Guinea Pigs, “Fat Blokes,” Drones and Misplaced Hotel Reservations

14 Jun

Group E

Hey gang, it’s Karo (kfunk22 / karoroad), reporting for Group E duty as we get underway in Brazil. Super pumped to be here with you all! How awesome is this going to be? How awesome has this been already? Continue reading