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The Daily Drool – World Cup 2018 Group E – Serbia: Duško Tošić

21 Jun

Left/center back Duško currently plays for Guangzhou R&F. He has represented Serbia at the senior level.

The Daily Drool: Apostolos Giannou

10 Mar

Apostolos GiannouGreek-Australian striker Apostolos recently made the move to Guangzhou R&F. He has represented Australia at the U17 level and Greece at the U19, U21 and senior levels.

The Daily Drool: Ken Ilsø

11 May

Ken Ilsø Attacking midfielder/striker Ken plays for Guangzhou R&F in the Chinese Super League. He has represented Denmark at the U19, U20 & U21 levels.

Footage From The Adidas Clinic

7 Aug

Here’s some footage from the Adidas clinic where Real took on 109 kids. It’s pretty hilarious. You get to see Arbeloa try some fancy footwork, trip over a bunch of kids and do a somersault, Xabi breaking up that fight and a kid stealing the ball from Marcelo much to his suprise.  My favorite comment onYouTube came from Elephteros “The GuangZhou tactics were poor. They should have played with 40-40-28 diamond formation !!!” Brilliant!

Random Moments…

5 Aug

D’awwwwwww!  This is such a sweet picture. Cris is being a doll with the kids and they are flat out adorable. Look at their oversize kits and their wee little socks!  That wasn’t the only cute woobins hanging around in a Real Madrid kit. Feast your eyes on this bebe.
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All The Goals…

3 Aug

For those who didn’t get a chance to see the match, here are all the goals in one video. Congrats again to Sami, Mesut, Karim, Cris, Jese & Angel!

More Match Pix

3 Aug

Here’s some more photos from the Guangzhou match. So, out of the next two photos who do you think that Cris is leering at? I know what I think!
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Sami Scores!

3 Aug

Whooooooooo! Best news I’ve had today. Sami Khedira scored his first ever goal for Real Madrid 6′ minutes into the first half vs. Guangzhou.  May you score many many more, Gorgeous! I missed the match because I incorrectly calculated the time difference, but if you’re looking for links to the downloads, here they are. Looking forward to watching when I get home!  The final score was 7-1 and the scoring played out this way: (Khedira 6′, Ozil 30′, Benzema 38′ and 48′, Cristiano Ronaldo 55′, Jese 70′, Di Maria 82′, Yang Yihu ’86). Nacho had to leave the pitch at 88′ due to injury (wah!). Apparently, it was blazing hot with 80% humidity, which explains the sweatiness above.  Enjoy the picspam of the match!

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