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Final Training Of The Year & Holiday Wishes

31 Dec

SatelliteSese joined the team for the first part of the session today. Can’t wait to see what he wears for New Year’s Eve. Undoubtedly something with a hedgehog on it while Pilar will be in animal print. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Guti!

31 Oct

guti_0Our wild child turned solid citizen Guti is 39 today. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Feliz cumpleaños, Guti! You’ll always be a brash young thing as far as I’m concerned. But you know, feel free to wear something pink, green and sequined today just for old times sake.

– Lozil

Ready For Las Palmas

30 Oct
Cristiano shares his Great Pumpkin costume a day early.

Cristiano shares his Great Pumpkin costume a day early.

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What Is Wrong With This Picture, Part 2

2 Apr

Okay, I love me some Poldi, I really do but seriously? I can wear the regular AHA! hat, thanks very much. You don’t have to make me a special pink floral version just because I have a vagina. Honestly. I swear I won’t spontaneously combust or suddenly grow a penis if I wear the black & white one. Continue reading

Guti On Depression & The Pressure At Real Madrid

17 Mar

Guti talked openly on El Chiringuito recently about his struggles with depression after the break up of his marriage to Arancha de Benito and the effect on his playing. He related this to the pressures that Cristiano is under at RM and his current form. Continue reading

Back To Training, Videos, Kisses, Egos & Confusing Transformations

9 Feb

SatelliteThe team, like my heart, must go on even after the absolute clusterfuckery of Saturday’s performance. Or lack thereof. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Guti!

31 Oct

Guti-Deberian-explicar-porque-_54397638456_54115221212_600_244Though he seems to have calmed down quite a bit and turned to youth coaching, our hipster wild child has still got that certain je ne sais quoi. I mean, he’s Guti. I doubt that he can ever be fully tamed and thank the universe for that. Happy 38th birthday to a true original.

Chicharito on El Chiringuito

27 Sep

Javier Hernandez was interviewed on the El Chiringuito show back in early September, and, thankfully, someone has kindly translated and added English subtitles to the video. I quite enjoyed the interview, though they really didn’t need to bring out every pundit they could to pepper him with questions.

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El Clasico In The US: Miami Legends Cup

17 Jul

10502096_580709068708807_1082647969390356018_n With all the World Cup uproar, I completely forgot to post this. El Clasico in the US -yep, you heard that right. The Real Madrid Legends are playing the Barcelona Legends. This is going to be a fun match and a chance to see some of the greats from both sides. Of course, they had to put it on a freaking Thursday night right after I get back from England so I can’t get there. Boooo! Anyhow, check out the confirmed players thus far. My head’s kinda exploding. Continue reading

Some Very Quick Bits & Bobs

29 May

I’ve had some real life stuff that I needed to focus on over the past few days, so apologies for the lack of posting. Here’s just a few goodies. First up, the Behind The Scenes video for the Red One/Real Madrid collaboration. Continue reading