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Real Energy. Real Madrid. (Or The Return of Bad!Hair Benzema)

4 Nov

There’s a new Adidas spot today and while it’s awesome and motivating and all that, it also reminds us of that dead thing that was living on Benzema’s head for a few months. C’mon, Real Madrid, let Fluffy rest in peace! Can’t you digitally remove that head critter?! I don’t want to reminisce about the team’s hair Dark Ages. What’s next? Pictures of the Bleach Job of Horror? That shiz was like the Voldemort of dye jobs – it should never, ever, ever be spoken of lest it return.

(Oh, and HALA MADRID!)

– Lozil

Sanity Has Returned…

16 Sep

…at least to Karim’s head. I think it’s a good omen for the match tomorrow. Thanks to watishista mygypsyspirit for texting me with the glorious news while I was on a boring conference call. (Gifs by tfortravis)

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UPDATED: Orange You Glad There’s Two Other Kits So You Don’t Have To Buy This One?

12 Sep
"We are so obviously being punished."

“We are so obviously being punished.”

Wow, they look super enthusiastic, don’t they? Sorry I’m getting to this so late – long day at work. The new kits are very…orange. I like orange, don’t get me wrong, but that is A LOT of orange. Shigs will be delighted – it’s her fave color, but seriously, isn’t that a bit too much…ORANGE? Continue reading

When Bad Haircuts Are Immortalized…

9 Sep

Thought you’d seen the end of bleach blonde Sergio? Sadly, the answer is no. Real Madrid has teamed up with LINE for some free online stickers for their smartphone app.  Continue reading

Saturday Training, Presser, Call Ups & Concentracion

31 Aug
Another week, another stern Carlito shot on the homepage.

Another week, another stern Carlito shot on the homepage.

The team had their last training before the match tomorrow morning (oh,so early) against Athletic Bilbao. Fabio & Mesut, who worked out inside yesterday were back with the game. New things abounded: Karim shaved ONE side of his head again to freshen his super special look up. (Ugh). And it appears that Sergio has more new tattoos on his left wrist and upper right arm. I’m sure someone will blow up the shots and file a report soon, but one on his wrist looks like a capital “P” Let’s all hope for the sake of our sanity that it’s for his mom, Pacqui. Even if it’s not, very smart of Sergio to keep it to one letter. Ladies come and go, mamis are forever. Continue reading


25 Aug

You know how someone wakes you up by scaring you? Well, here you go. 😉 Here’s Bleached!Sergio is his training bra. Dawn Kok took these pix at UCLA on August 5th. Now look at CurrentHair!Sergio and appreciate.

I’ve been up for hours already banging out a presentation for work so if I gotta suffer, I’m taking you all with me! But I plan on sneaking in here for breaks throughout the day to post some goodies.  To make up for that dirty trick of a wake up, enjoy some palate cleansing Pirata after the jump. Continue reading

Arrival In Miami, Swoonworthy Visitors & Arbie Interview

6 Aug
Llegada_a_Miami (8)

Sese thankfully covered his hair while Iker got a new awkwardly placed murse

Los Blancos arrived night in Miami and Iker has a new bag. I wonder if his Madrid murse is going to get jealous? Lord, that boy is incapable of looking cool while carrying a bag isn’t he? Continue reading

Final Cali Training & Off To Miami!

5 Aug
Entrenamiento (22)

Mmmmm, Sami…

The team held their final training at UCLA today before flying to Miami. They will be arriving at their hotel at 11 PM Eastern.

Has anyone else noticed how regimented the trainings seem to be under Ancelotti? It’s always interested to see how new coaches structure things. Continue reading

Preparing To Say Goodbye To UCLA

5 Aug

_Entrenamiento_UCLAHope everyone had a nice weekend. Forzasusan and I had the pleasure of meeting watishistas Rose & Julia yesterday at Met Life Stadium. Sadly, it was brief as we were between matches but really awesome, nonetheless. Maybe we should plan some sort of HB & HB meet up. Perhaps for the Clasico? The boys are finishing their time at UCLA and will face off against Chelsea (and Mou) in the ICC final on Wednesday night. Bring on the dramz! Continue reading

Thursday Bits & Bobs

1 Aug

tumblr_mqug5o9yZs1qbpdiyo1_500Lordy, I have so many bits & bobs, I don’t even have a clue where to start. Ugh. How’s about I just begin with our boys? Here’s Iker (or rather Geeker from the looks of it) with a fan. Our intrepid capi also posted a  shot of his good friend Roy Batty from Blade Runner who was enjoying some LA poolside tanning.  Continue reading