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And The Hair Angels Wept*

16 Aug

Guillermo-OchoaNot only are we bidding adieu to another headband, we’re saying goodbye to one of the most luscious heads of hair in all of football. I, for one, am inconsolable. (*Sorry I traumatized some of you! I amended the title for better clarity.) Continue reading

UPDATED: A Wee Bit More La Roja Before Bedtime (Bonus Marcelo!)

6 Jun

Watishista mumblo alerted us to the fact that Sese tweeted a new picture of his hair. It looks like he may have taken a bit off the top, THANK GOD. Looks much, much better.  I hope he’s not teasing us and it’s just wet down or something. Continue reading


10 Feb

HALLELUJAH!!!! The funky toupee is gone & the Raul Albiol we know & love is back. Ahhh I don’t know about y’all but I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s training pics where I assume we’ll see Arby trying to jump Albiol’s bones. Hubba, hubba. Even Albiol’s brother took to twitter to tease his sib about the new look!  He says now this is a decent look and not the wig he had before…love this! Yes Albiol, you’re lookin’ fiiiiiine. We missed ya.