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We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

13 Apr
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Goals and points, baby, goals and points. These guys went up against Almeria knowing that Barca had just slipped up and we had the opportunity to skip right past them….which we did! We’ve one upped them by one point, but hey we’re nearing the end and one point can mean all the difference. Now we just need Atleti to slip up. The more times the better!

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Blowin’ BVB Away at the Bernabeu

4 Apr

*Can you feel the loveeee tonight?* G-MONEY CAN.

Hell, I feel the love too and I hope our boys keep kicking ass so I can KEEP feeling it! I knew we had the goals in us, but I wasn’t exactly expecting a clean sheet, so that was a very pleasant surprise. Our San Iker led defense rocked it out, prevented Dortmund from getting any precious away goals, and this first leg clean sheet is going to help us greatly when we travel next week. We are making our way and shit is getting exciting!

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A Derby Done Right

7 Feb


Tell me, can you really have a bad week when your boys kick Atleti ass in the middle of it? No, I don’t think so! Everytime I look through these match pics, I still get the urge to pump my fist in the air in honor of our victory….and then I think of Diego Costa and those first pumps turn into jabs and hooks. Aside from the bouts of hostility from both sides (Arbie, please refrain from foot stomping), our boys left us with a performance we can be proud of and Atleti is going to have a hard time trying to outdo us in the 2nd leg!

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Sevilla, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya.

30 Apr

Ahhh, the sweet taste of victory in the morning! Too early, I say. 😉 How was it for all of you that had to get up at a crazy hour? I know some of you loved the kick off time since it beats the hell out of watching matches at 2 & 5am, I tip my hat to you dedicated/sleep deprived Madridistas. My alarm went off and it took me longer than I expected to figure out what that funny music was & why it wasn’t stopping. See what the AM does to Maisougio brain? It makes meh crazy! Well it was worth getting up for because the boys pulled off the win, looked fab in the process, and now we have lots of pretty pics to look at. Continue reading