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La Undécima Is Ours!

28 May

Champions-League-trophyWell,we’re still  busy screaming our lungs out and celebrating here so more later, but Hala Madrid y nada más!


– Lozil

Let’s Do This Thing!

21 Nov

Celebs from around the world (and our players) showed their support for the team in this video. Looking forward to a good clean match in which we will be victorious – it’s my birthday weekend, Blancos – don’t fail me now!


– Lozil

We Did It

27 May

Oh my, oh my, I’m still feeling this way, three days later. What a freakin’ RIDE that match was. I’m pretty sure RM had us feeling every emotion known to man, during the course of those 120 or so minutes. Fear, sadness, anger, shock, hope, happiness, ecstasy, it was all that and thankfully not in the opposite order! We did it, we did it, we did it! It’s so good to be a Madridista.

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Hello Copa del Rey Final!

13 Feb


Peeps, can I get an OOH-WE?? To the freakin’ finals we go! It’ll be another Clasico final, just like in 2011…when we crushed Barca AND our trophy. Ba-dum-tish! We’ve got the goods, we know how to use ’em, we just gotta keep puttin’ our stuff to work. Show us the silverware, boys!

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Four Four Two Cover, Training, Sami & Lena And Guti Is On A Slippery Slope

15 Feb

Yeah, not much more to say. I’m loving the March cover of Four Four Two. Going to have to head out and buy that one. May it all come true (sorry bi-team-ual and cule watishistas, I do have a bias in regards to this!). Continue reading

“Full of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing…”

17 Aug

Shakespeare knew what he was talking about. That game was just…ARGH.  I just can’t, absolutely CANNOT, talk about the game right now. There are so many emotions warring in me – anger and embarrassment, primarily – going in so many directions that I can’t focus.
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