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Bits & Bobs: Beginnings, Endings, Stages And Much More

15 Jul

Hello all – hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. Here’s Sergio and his friend, the matador Talavante at Mirian’s wedding (via BlueNicole). More pictures after the jump.  Continue reading

UPDATED: Bits & Bobs: The “I Need A Cocktail Something Fierce” Edition

13 Jul

Oh boy, it has been a long day. I was up really early working from home while waiting for not one, but two (!), visits from the air conditioner repairman and considering how humid and gross this NYC summer has been, it was an absolute must. So, now I’m a couple of hundred bucks poorer, but the house is cool again. Alas, my brain is fried though. Summers are supposed to be slow, don’t you think? Why is work so busy? Argh. Anyhow, I’m going to drop some bits and bobs that I’ve collected on y’all, then pour myself a nice glass of wine and kick back for the evening.

To start things off, the fabulous torso of Sami Khedira! He and Lena are now in Miami. However, he’s sporting the same trunks that Mesut and Sergio had last summer.  C’mon, Sami! Those trunks are sooooo 2011! He still looks hot as hell. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Vacays, Videos, Very Compromising Positions & Much More

10 Jul

I had one of those days again – really hectic and I’ve got a bit of a headache going on. As I work during the day, I take notes, paste URLS, etc. on Notepad of stuff that I want to write about, interesting bits, etc. So today, I had a HUGE file going and my computer threw the Blue Screen of Death and I lost it all. I’m sure there were some major gems in there (or not!) but I’m going to try to add all that I can remember before bedtime. First up, some vacation goodies! Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Football, Turkey, A Pig, A Song & An Overenthusiastic Fan

5 Jun

I squealed when I saw Marcelo posing as a Rutgers football player. Too cute. David Luiz then tweeted more pictures of Brazil goofing around in New Jersey.  Continue reading

Updated: Goodbye Altintop

30 May

So he’s the first one out. Altintop is heading to Galatasaray next season, hopefully where he will get much more play time, bench life can’t be any fun even if you’re sitting on La Liga’s hottest bench. I wish him well in the coming season, GOOD LUCK ALTINTOP!!!


UPDATED: Now according to Marca, Altintop is denying that he has signed to Galatsaray (well, maybe he hasn’t signed yet, but he’s for sure on his way out).

– Lozil

Kuwait Friendly Recap

18 May

So now it’s officially summer vacay for the boys, now that they’ve gone, played, won, & come back from Kuwait. If you caught the match, you could tell they were just burnt our from their long, hard, well played season….or more likely, they’re still wiped out from celebrating! But they did manage to score two goals & delight their Kuwaiti fans. Continue reading

Lucky Fans Participate In 3 Clinics

10 May

Oh Marcelo, your smile makes every day better! That little girl is absolutely adorable too.

Before training Real Madrid held three clinics for some lucky fans.  Carvalho, Altintop, Sahin and Callejon did a Sanitas sponsored clinic.  Albiol, Pepe, Marcelo and Higuain were with Telefonica Movistar while Sergio, Adan, Arbeloa and El Pirata helmed the Coca-Cola clinic. The boys acted as coachs/players with the fans through an hour long session. Continue reading

To Cibeles!

3 May

Get ready for a loooooong post, because there are a lot of pics & screen caps to see! I’m enjoying looking at these pics more than watching the live stream….because I spent most of that time being jealous as hell of everyone in the plaza 😛 Continue reading

Off To Cyprus!

25 Mar

Time for the travel pix! Sergio is taking his new purple bag with him on the trip to Cyprus. Must be love!  What does everyone think of Fabio’s new haircut, BTW? Continue reading

Arrival in Castellón, Autograph Time, Kaka’s Family, Muamba Update

20 Mar

The boys arrived in Castellón and were greeted by over 100 fans and then were hustled off to the hotel to start their concentracion. I love the fans – always so devoted! – and this one guy sure knows how to catch the RM photogs’ eye: THUMBS UP! Continue reading