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Merry Christmas From Los Blancos

25 Dec

Merry Christmas for those celebrating today! Real Madrid began putting up their annual celebration photos and videos (with more to come). Here’s the first round of goodies. Continue reading

Welcoming The Year Of The Snake

9 Feb

I’ve finally rolled myself out of my painkiller haze long enough to watch the match. Here’s a little video of the guys wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

– Lozil

First Training Session Of The New Year!

1 Jan

Our deliciously dorktastic boys got right down to business on the first day of 2012! Sad moments: Angel Di Maria injured his thigh in training the other day and they’re not sure how long he will be out for. Sergio is also still injured. Happy moments: Carvalho has rejoined the team, training on the pitch – that’s a great sign! It looks like several of the boys had their hair trimmed as well – Cris, Sami, Kaka… And there is even some close up shots of Fabio!
Continue reading

In Your Honor… And A Watishista Working For Good

31 Dec

I don’t “do” Christmas presents. Everyone I know has too much, including myself. I’m well and truly blessed. What I “do” is donations – that’s my way of playing Santa. I donate to a wide range of organizations. Some of the things I’m passionate about are animals, children, micro-finance, LGBT issues and homelessness. As I was making the last of my year end donations, I was giving to an international children’s charity and I noticed something fun – you could donate soccer balls! S0 in addition to my regular donation, I added a bunch of soccer balls in your honor. The ‘memorial’ dedication was “From watishistas everywhere” 🙂  I’ve traveled a fair bit and one thing has been constant : seeing kids everywhere kicking a ball – sometimes, just a makeshift one – with great zeal. So I thought it was a fitting first birthday gift for HB & HB – spreading the joy of the game we love and letting kids in rough situations, if only for a few moments, be kids.

One of our own, watishista Sierra Gutiérrez is currently working on a charitable project revolving around a favela in Brazil and asked me to share a bit about it. Continue reading

Happy New Year From Los Blancos

30 Dec

Real Madrid posted some pictures of El Capitan wishing us all a happy 2012. More pix after the jump, but wither Sergio and Pipita?! Continue reading

Christmas Message Blooper Reel

27 Dec

Hey all – the Christmas blooper reel is finally up and the boys are looking cute. I see that unamadridista has already done a translation, so wander on over to this post for the specifics. I managed to get the Christmas stomach bug that’s been going around so I’m going back to sleeping and feeling sorry for myself. More when I feel slightly human again!

– Lozil

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas From Los Blancos!

25 Dec

Well the Christmas video has made its long awaited appearance – no bloopers yet though! Some cute moments – The Baby sitting so he won’t tower over Karim & Lass,Karim getting poked in the eye by an overenthusiastic Lass (Homage D’ Mou?), El Pirata biting his lip adorably, Arbeloa making faces at/gazing adoringly at Albiol, Marcelo and Pepe being…Marcelo and Pepe, Sami & Mesut coordinating their outfits… Scary moments? Kaka staring at Pipita’s neck like he’s trying to figure out where to carve him up first – Shiggers is gonna LOVE that one! Speaking of Kaka, he shows up twice – probably in replacement for Angel Di Maria who I believe was home with his family at the time (his father in law passed away in the past couple of weeks) of filming. Also missing? Mou. But he got to be in the Flo P/captains video, so that was probably enough for him. Onward for some still shots! Continue reading