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Mazel Tov: El Pirata Returns To Real Sociedad

28 Jul

We knew the news was probably imminent when he posted this picture from his apartment in San Sebastian (and Marca was reporting it to be a done deal) yesterday, but 15 minutes ago, he put the following picture  up. Continue reading

Madrid Of Thrones & More

10 Apr

Ramos - SashayedReal life work is trying to eat my life. Been in meetings since I walked in the door this morning and have been gathering pictures while I’m on conference call. Queen of Multitasking!

Watishista meridiansour sent me a link to these fantastic RM themed Game of Thrones house sigils made by the ever wonderful and hilarious Sashayed. You can create your own here. I’ve put them in a gallery, so click the first one and you’ll be able to go through all of them in a larger size. Continue reading

Bits and Bobs: Oh Nuri No, Ikerlish Update, Random Musings, Papi Andres, Holy Hell Harry!

26 May

Poor freaking Nuri Sahin. Not only is Real Madrid working overtime to post horrible pictures of him, apparently, they are also making him wear Iker’s shirts. Speaking of our lovely captain…
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Bits & Bobs: Jailbait! Gets Down & Dirty, Sami Has No Worries, Someone Needs to STFU And Transfer Rumor Fiesta

23 May

Oh so much news today and it keeps coming… Jailbait! is having his first contest over  on Facebook. The prize is a jersey. Now, as you all well know, my Spanish skills are roughly on a par with Iker’s English so I have no idea what the contest is really about except that it seems that you need to tell him what would be your way of removing a shirt not using your hands. ::boggle:: Does this boy even realize the level of perversion out there?!  People vote on the best answers and from the top 10, Jailbait! himself will choose the winner. Now, even if this is NOT what the contest is about, I like my version of it and I’m going to make it my happy place for awhile.  I sure you will agree that the idea of thinking of creative ways to remove the ‘baller of your choice’s jersey is quite pleasant fodder for a May afternoon.
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Put On Your Game Face: White Hart Lane Edition

15 Apr

Way to make the hottest team in the world look like the Chess Club!

Check out Crozil in their matchy-matchy Superfly boots. That’s a whole lotta purple going on. We’re look like we’re one step away from Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka (or you know, a perp walk).

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Bits & Bobs: Serious Droolage To Vote On, The Bieb Strikes Again, Oh No He Didn’t And More

7 Apr

Did that get your attention? I thought that it might!  Our brother in sports love and droolage over at The Sports Fag is kicking off his 2011 Hottest Male Athlete Tournament.

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Put On Your Game Face: CLE Part 2

6 Apr

Barcelona’s 5-1 drubbing of Shakhtar Donetsk today means that we’re gonna get 4 frigging Clasicos this month (barring a miracle next week). DO. NOT. WANT.  So let’s ignore that and look at our beautiful boys some more, shall we? Post match, they were (for the most part) looking kinda cute!

Hands down that may be the most attractive picture I have ever seen of Fideo. I refuse to believe that a Real Madrid photographer took it!

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Put On Your Game Face: Champions League Edition

6 Apr

I wouldn’t be a match without Put On Your Game Face, now would it? There was a ton of pictures from yesterday, so let’s get to it, eh?

Sergio: “Yep, I know that cowboy and pony game VERY well!”

Onward, perving soldiers…

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What A Difference Ade Makes!*

6 Apr

*Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

What an amazing, amazing game! I’m still on a high from it. It was a wonderful show of strength for Real Madrid and Los Blancos were just spectacular!

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