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NY Red Bulls & DC United Shilling Tires

24 Jul

Here’s a cute little commercial with players from NY Red Bulls (Dax McCarty, Heath Pearce) & DC United (Dwayne De Rosario, Chris Pontius) for Continental Tires. Hey that’s two Drool alums in one van (Chris & Heath)! I like those odds.

– Lozil

Heath Pearce: A Man Of Style

2 Jul

New York Red Bulls defender and style maven Heath Pearce did a little video for Gilt on summer office style. A former Daily Drool, Heath just had hip surgery that means he will surely be out for the rest of the MLS season. Animo Heath! We’ll miss you on the pitch.

– Lozil

Bits & Bobs: Fashion Horrors, Fighting, Fabrice Visits NY, Insane Ticket Prices, Pre-Season Schedule And More

8 Jul

Oh my god, Sergio. I know y0u were clubbing last night (in Malaga), but what on earth are you wearing and for that matter what the hell is he wearing? Just…NO. I’m glad Guti wasn’t there because if he had shown up, it would have turned into a supernova of oh hell no! In Sergio’s defense, his outfit is light years better than the other guy’s but honestly! Continue reading

The Daily Drool – MLS West: Heath Pearce

6 Feb

I thought it might be nice to feature some MLS players, so I’m going to have one from each team, starting with the MLS West.

Here’s a little Twitter self-portrait of Heath looking hot hot hot! I love a cute boy in nerd glasses.The left back plays for Chivas USA and has made 33 appearances for the USMNT since 2005.