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The Daily Drool: Peter Niemeyer

18 Sep

Defensive midfielder Peter currently plays for Hertha BSC. He previously played for Twente in the Eredivisie and Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga. He was also a member of the German U-21 team in 2005-2006.

The Daily Drool: Arne Friedrich

27 Aug


Mmmm, Arne! A center/right back currently playing for VfL Wolfsburg, he previous spent 2002-2o1o at Hertha BSC. The glorious Arne has played for the Germany U 21 and B teams and then Die Mannschaft since 2002. He has thus far made 82 appearances for the senior team scoring once.

Grin and “Bear” It, Gentlemen…

29 Jul

Saw this today on unamadridista and couldn’t resist re-posting it due to the hilarity. I needed a giggle after a night of doing research until my eyes crossed. Anyhow, as you can see, Real Madrid is not the only club that has photographers that enjoy torturing players. Here our guys pose with Herthinho, who is the mascot of Hertha Berlin. Mesut’s rocking his mono face (or he’s terrified), Mou looks like he’s been stunned by a blunt object, Iker has lost the will to live and Cris, bless him, well, he’s just up for anything that allows him to put a thumb up and grin.  You know that El Pirata took one look at this scenario and said “Fuck that shit, I’m outta here. If I pose with a giant bear and a thumbs up, no one will ever take my sensitive indie rock YouTube recommendations seriously again.” and then he curled up with some Dylan on his iPod while reading Infinite Jest for the 50th time.  Poor Herthinho, you deserve better. Next time we’ll get Marcelo and Pepe in there, they know how to bring the fun.

First We’ll Take Philadelphia, Then We’ll Take Berlin*

27 Jul

*Apologies to Leonard Cohen for paraphrasing his wonderful song, but hey, it fit! It was a beautiful day in Berlin as you can see and the photogs got some gorgeous shots of the stadium.

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Bits & Bobs: Citizenship, Returns, Squad List, Karma

26 Jul

A quick and dirty news update as today is hella busy at work and I’m heading off to see Juve right after. First up, mazel tov to Marcelo who is now Spanish citizen. This means he no longer takes up a “player from outside the EU” spot on the team.
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