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World Cup 2014: Argentina Ships It!

11 Jun

I was just about to go to sleep when I saw this little bit from the Daily Mail. Argentina’s roommate list was leaked and it’s got some famous bromantic pairs represented. Continue reading

Thursday Training, Someone Is Still Carrying The Torch & Someone’s Got His Groove Back

15 Aug
Carlo will have none of your sass, thank you very much.

Carlo will have none of your sass, thank you very much.

The internationals are making their way back to Madrid and those left behind trained their charming butts off. Continue reading

The Bromantic Plot Thickens, Looking In At Spain, Portugal And Germany

8 Jun

Pipa continues spreading himself around like he’s Bobby Brown circa 1988 and yeah, I’m judging. However, he’s back with his original boo, Eze Garay, who tweeted this shot. Albiol nattered on all day about basketball on Twitter, studiously ignoring the drama. Arbeloa was not to be found. I may have to, ahem, pull Pipita aside tomorrow and talk to him sternly. A spanking may be in order! Continue reading

Tormata Arrives, Higuaray And A Bit Of Germany

26 May

The team had a closed training this morning at the stadium in St. Gallen, but a few pictures of Tormata have made it into circulation.  Continue reading

Home Again, Hard At Work

1 Mar
El Pirata: “Hey guys! We had an awesome time while you were gone! I took Calleti to an interpretative modern dance performance incorporating endangered animals!” Caletti: “Erm, yeah, um, it was…great.”

Well our internationals are back home in Madrid and jumped right back into training. Lots of photos today… Continue reading