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Updated: Off to Mestalla!

18 Nov

As our boys made their way to Valencia, all sorts of fun stuff emerged. First up, some Higzil action. I wonder what Cris, Sergio, Sami and Benz thought about Pipita snagging their communal boo? Looks like Pipa is staking his claim. Gauntlet? Consider yourself thrown down. We also found out that Arbeloa and Sergio have matching Louis Vuitton suitcases, that Cristiano can take a seriously bad picture depending on the angle and that Iker loves him some orange juice. Wonder how he feels about Playstation?
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More on the Lyon game…

23 Feb

I found a few more pictures from the Lyon game that tickled my fancy…

I mean, SERIOUSLY, Real Madrid? You thought this was an AWESOME shot to grace your front page this morning?! Mesut looks like the Prince of the Undead about to suck away Karim’s lifeblood! OH WAIT A MINUTE! I’ve figured it out! This is another example of your attempts to position Ozil for the tween market! Yesterday, you were giving him the full on Bieber powder treatment and today, you’re getting all Twilight on his ass! Smart marketing. Color me impressed. But wait! Does that mean that… Continue reading