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A Sad Anniversary

15 Apr

Today marks a somber occasion – the 25th anniversary of the tragedy at Hillsborough. Continue reading

Rest In Peace: Anne Williams Loses Her Battle With Cancer

18 Apr

image-4-anne-williams-hillsborough-campaigner-and-mother-who-lost-her-son-kevin-has-died-932182627I was saddened to hear this morning that Anne Williams died today at age 60. Anne, who lost her 15 year old son Kevin at Hillsborough, has been a tireless campaigner for justice for the 96 victims. She made her last public appearance on Monday, defying all her doctors’ expectations, at the Anfield memorial service marking the 24th anniversary of the tragedy. She was a brave, amazing woman and mother who never gave up on her quest for the truth. She was diagnosed with cancer in October, just weeks after the independent panel report was released. I’m so glad she got to see that day. Her perseverance and unyielding fierceness when faced with opposition from so many corners is an inspiration. Well and hard fought, Anne, now you can go to your rest knowing that others will continue the crusade for justice. Thank you for never giving up.

– Lozil

24th Anniversary Of Hillsborough

15 Apr

440f43e4a5be11e2a9dd22000a9e29a7_7Today is the 24th anniversary of the tragedy at Hillsborough. This past year saw some progress in the fight for justice for the 96 victims – the independent panel report exposed the lies and cover up that sullied the good names of people who went to a match and never came home. Please spare a thought/prayer today for the 96 and their families that they may find healing and peace. YNWA.

– Lozil

The Truth Is Finally Told

12 Sep

It’s an emotional day, not only for Liverpool supporters, but football fans all over the world. After 23 years of lying and victim blaming, the truth has finally come out. The Hillsborough Independent Panel has released their report and the scope of the cover up and smear campaign is absolutely astounding. Continue reading