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I’m So Going To Have Nightmares Tonight

17 Dec

I’m just going to leave this here and slowly back away. I think I took too much cold medicine. I did, right? Oy.

– Lozil

They’re Back And More Nightmare Inducing Than Ever

7 Feb

I’ve been trying to unsee the Real Madrid Talking Players app since I first saw it in early December. If you don’t remember what I’m talking about, peep this post with vid and let the nightmares begin. Well, the powers that be saw fit to “improve” said app with New!SergioRamos!BullFighting!Action!  Because that’s exactly what the world needs now (I’d much prefer some New!Improved!SergioRamos!LoveSweetLove! Action! thank you very much). Anyhow, if this sort of thing floats your boat (and if it does, I’m a bit scared of you now), you can buy it at the ITunes Store.

– Lozil, cowering in fear

I Know Now What I DON’T Want For Christmas

8 Dec

This monstrosity is the Real Madrid Talking Players IPhone App.  This is an official app, people and it’s BATSHIT. I guess the gist is that you can make the players say what you want. In those voices. Gee, thanks.  I’m going to ease you into it with the Angel Di Maria one, because the Sergio Ramos avatar after the jump is the stuff of nightmares and I’m NOT joking.  Just remember, I warned you. Continue reading