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Stand Up, Take Notice, Do Something

24 Jul

_89732273_jesustomillero“In football, the problem is that people think it’s a ‘macho men’ sport. I think that this sport can be enjoyed by homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, by anyone.” These are the truthful words of Jesús Tomillero, Spain’s first openly gay football referee. Continue reading

Crossing the Line

20 Jul


First, if you don’t know about Unusual Efforts please get over to their site (here) and check out what they do. Incredible pieces and incredible art by all women, trans or cis, and nonbinary contributors. Continue reading

Player Given Straight Red For Homophobic Language

11 Jun

prettyannamoon_2 red card homophobiaNorwegian football is cracking down on homophobic language and taking it seriously as Baerum SK’s Simen Juklerod recently found out. Continue reading

Arsenal Support Anti-Homophobia Campaign

5 Sep

Rainbow-Laces-mainAfter that last disheartening story about racism in sport, here comes a bit of good news on another front. Gay rights group Stonewall along with Paddy Power and the Gay Football Supporters’ Network have launched this year’s Rainbow Laces campaign with a little help from Arsenal. Continue reading

St. Pauli Supports LGBT Community

11 Jul

thumb_8136__newsBigImageGerman second division club St. Pauli announced that as of today, they will permanently fly the rainbow flag symbolizing gay pride in their Hamburg stadium.  Continue reading

Mid-day Update

10 Jul

BO02-MjCQAEGGGwOkay, it’s only mid-day because I never seem to make it to bed until the wee hours. Here’s a couple of things and more later.

Calleti & Marta were snapped in Napoli where he underwent a physical today. I’m sure the pictures of his contract signing, etc. will be out soon. (Via @NapoliSphera) Continue reading

Tuesday Bits & Bobs

28 May

BLYE8z0CIAECGIzIker was in Qatar today to open an Aspire Academy and look who he was interviewed with – RAUL! (Squee!) Continue reading

Training, A Luncheon, Juan Mata Profile & More

14 May

I’m leaving for the airport in an hour or so if I can peel Max the Cat off me. He’s very sad. I hate leaving him behind but he’s not a beach sort of cat! Maisougio will be your daily Perv Concierge while I’m sunning my rivaling-Iker-Casillas-pallor in Mexico for a couple of days with watishista P. So this will be a drive by. The day has been textbook Lozil thus far. I tripped over my suitcase earlier and nearly knocked myself out. Never fails. I am the world’s biggest klutz. So I’ll be starting the vacation bruised but hopefully I’ve gotten all the drama out of the way. If I owe you an email, please forgive me – I’m totally behind on work, packing, everything. I’ll get on it when I return next week.

The team trained again today and the good news is that Mesut was back with them – hooray! Looks like he’ll be just fine for the final on Friday. Continue reading

Robbie Rogers In The Press

29 Mar
Robbie Rogers by Tom Jenkins/Guardian

Robbie Rogers by Tom Jenkins/Guardian

Out former ‘baller Robbie Rogers was the subject of two great articles today in the Guardian and New York Times which talked about his coming out and the aftermath. Sam Borden from NYT also chatted with Robbie via video. Continue reading

MLS: Don’t Cross The Line 2013 PSA

28 Mar

Been meaning to post this for the past couple of weeks. MLS and MLS Works have produced the 2013 PSA for their “Don’t Cross the Line” Campaign which promotes equality and acceptance in the sport. Continue reading