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Updated: This Much Benz Will Kill You

12 Jun

Things get much hotter from here on, no warning needed, just enjoy. Continue reading

1 Point for England & France, 10 Points for Benz

11 Jun

Allez Benz!! No he didn’t score for France, but he sure scored in our book. He was lookin’ fab in that fab kit that hugs in all the right places, gave us a pose or two that made our eyes wander down yonder, and then took it off, took it off to top it all off. It makes you wonder, if he strips when he doesn’t score & doesn’t win, what will he do for us when he does do those things?… Continue reading

Oooh Oui, Oui!

25 May

It is hot as hell in Day-twah today, so I thought I’d post something equally hot & french (see what I did there?). Yes, I think I’ll spend the rest of my afternoon staring at this shot & reminding myself that computer screens are not meant to be licked. WOOF!

Pic via pipitashaircuts