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Sergio: Tats, Tats And More Tats

9 Jul

Our Sergio has been pretty active over the break and seems to be delighting is showing off his growing tattoo collection. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all his ink. Continue reading

David Beckham: Where the Hot Never Ends

22 Jan

Seriously, how hot can you getRemember the H&M ads that had David Beckham running around in his underwear? Well, the booty is back (kind of).

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Father’s Day in Madrid!

19 Mar


The best father/son duo in Madrid? I think that’s a title Marcelo & Enzo could easily nab. As it was Father’s Day in Spain today, many of our boys took to social media to express some major squee-inducing, heartfelt, papa & kiddo action. Some of the Papas were celebrating Father’s Day for the first time and some were celebrating as soon to be papas, but all of them equally adorable!

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Updated: Get Dirtyyyy With Becks

2 Feb

Warning: You will squirm when Becks smashes a raw egg on his head. Not the perfectly coiffed hair, please no!! It really was painful to watch the yolk splash through his gorgeous do, but the man’s got a foineness that can’t be diminished by anything! His giggling is pretty freaking adorable too. After the jump, check out his interview with Jimmy Fallon, where they flash their undies at each other and Becks shares a cute story about Romeo. Hot daddies FTW!

Updated: I fixed the video – Lozil


Is there anything cuter than Papa Cris??

18 Nov


I tell ya, hot daddies and their bebes will be my undoing. Cris & Cris Jr. launched an ovarian attack after the Portugal vs Sweden friendly. The press had questions for Papa, so did Cris Jr. and his was much more important! Ready for his question? The little squishy just wanted to know if he could sleep in daddies bed…*DEAD* Papa Cris’ reaction is adorable and so is the pic posted after the jump.

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David Beckham, You Spoil Us

20 Aug


Ooh-we! He’s at it again. Stripping down & greasing up. The always kind & giving Becksy-poo, shared a couple stills & a behind the scenes clip of his new H&M Autumn Campaign. Ahhh, his nekkidness is my happy place.

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You haven’t had enough of David Beckham, have you?

24 Jul


I know, silly question, right? After those yummy teasers posted this week, the full ad for David Beckham Classic has been released. It’s beautiful, as is everything Mr. Beckham is involved in. *Sigh* If the ad leaves you wanting even more yum, then check out the fragrance’s website, which promises more videos to come!

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The Arbeloa Boys

19 Jul


This pic deserved it’s own post. Too cute!!! Carlota shared this shot of her boys on their last day of vacay in Mallorca. Squishy baby, we can’t wait to see more of you!…oh and you too, Arbie, you too.


UPDATED: Soooooooo Many David Beckhams!

15 Jul


LAWD have mercy! The new Sky Sports ad really packs in the yum. I mean one David will bring you to your knees, but six will have you licking your damn computer screen! I loved his Burger King ad ,but this is sooooo much better. Continue reading