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I’m Just Not Ready To Say Goodbye

20 May

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And now, the end is near…

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When Xabi posted this yesterday, I started blubbering like a baby and to be honest, I haven’t really stopped. Every time I try to write about it, think about it or look at pictures, I start wailing again. He may have been ready to call time on his career but I’m certainly not. So it’s going to take me a bit to be able to write coherently about this heartbreaking day.

But for now, I’ll just leave it at this: Thank you, Xabi.

– Lozil

Xabi’s Watch Collection

4 Dec

3ec3e231-b913-4484-b7ca-cf1f5dad2b07Men’s style site Mr. Porter interviewed Xabi about his watch collection and produced a fantastic short film of our beloved much missed GQMF. Continue reading

Updated: Happy NYC Marathon Day Raul!

6 Nov

NYC Madridistas, keep your eyes peeled as our eternal capi runs his first NYC marathon! I’ll be cheering him on here in Brooklyn. The NYC marathon is always such a great day. I love watching and counting how many Madrid jerseys I see on runners (tons!). At least one of our watishistas (DK) has run the marathon and it’s a fantastic accomplishment. The runners really appreciate the encouragement, so if you can, get out there and support them. If you want to track Raul’s progress online (or any other runner), you can do so here.

Update: He finished in 3:26:05!

– Lozil

Xabi Alonso For Porsche Design Sport By Adidas

1 Mar

Even though he is obviously trying to re-break our hearts, there’s no way that I won’t be watching this Xabi video on repeat. In his last outfit, it looks like he raided Iker’s training closet. Those are some San Never Nude tights for sure! H/T to mygypsyspirit who left this on my Facebook wall.

– Lozil

Well, DUH.

18 Nov

sma-cover-a-435Becks is People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2015. Pfffft! We’ve known that forever! (Predictably, his kids thought it was hilarious.) Continue reading

Raul Does Brooklyn

29 Apr

RaulFor those NYers who don’t already know, our Eternal Captain will be playing this Saturday night, May 2 in Brooklyn with the New York Cosmos vs. Ottawa. So if you don’t want to have to haul your arse out to Long Island to see him play, here’s your chance. I’ll be out there cheering El Angel on. Tickets can be purchased here.

– Lozil

David Beckham: Where the Hot Never Ends

22 Jan

Seriously, how hot can you getRemember the H&M ads that had David Beckham running around in his underwear? Well, the booty is back (kind of).

Continue reading

David Beckham For Belstaff

12 Sep

senatus_yyb3H6The glorious Mr. Beckham, not content just to model for Belstaff, has launched his own capsule collection for the luxury menswear brand.

He was in NYC for a book signing event at the Belstaff store. Continue reading

Pirlo Is Not Impressed!

25 Aug

Watishista mygypsyspirit, knowing my love of all things Pirlo, passed this on. IT’S BRILLIANT! Andrea, dead eyed as ever, looks on with disdain at…everything. Can’t wait to see more of this campaign.

– Lozil

Andrea Pirlo: Everywhere That I’m Not

3 Jul

Sometimes life is so unfair. Andrea Pirlo is chillin’ in New York and I have yet to run into him.  C’mon out to Brooklyn, Andrea. First beer is on me. However, if you intend to get as drunk as you did celebrating Juve’s Scudetto, you’re going to need to pony up some cash. I’m not made of money, sir. But no matter what, CALL ME.

– Lozil