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New Footy Mag Debuts With Mesut Ozil Cover Story

10 Nov

Issue01_BottomFrontNew footy mag Eight by Eight released their debut issue this week, which I’m currently flipping through. Mesut is the cover star. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Beaches, On The Road Again, Fish Or Dorito Breath?, That’s Not Fashion Honey! And More

19 Jul

Let’s start the bits and bobs off with Albiol today, shall we? I’ve been missing him and he’s not tweeting all that much. However, his vacation pals San Bernardino and Antonio Leon gifted us with a few piccies.  Continue reading

NYC Alert: Spanish Soccer Talk/Kicking & Screening Festival

22 Jun

Howler magazine is sponsoring a free talk with journalist Jimmy Barnes on the history of Spanish soccer (past and present). But I’ll let them tell you about it in their own words. Continue reading

Brazil Vs. Argentina Digital Program And Marcelo/David Luiz

8 Jun

The fine folks at the upcoming Howler footy magazine were commissioned to produce a free digital program for tomorrow’s match between Brazil/Argentina and it’s a doozy! But I’ll let them tell you about it in their own words. Continue reading

Lotsa Bits & Bobs

4 Jun

My oh my, much going on but we’re all still reeling from The Ramos and his new hair, so I’ve dragged myself out of mourning just long enough to put together a post. I have to catch up on the all the La Roja stuff, but that’s going to need to be later. Great news! Marcelo is on Webstagram! He’s posting lots of great pictures. Here are just a few. Continue reading