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World Cup 2014 – Group G Update: Injuries and More Injuries

18 Jun

Don’t worry, Bastian, we’re all perplexed by the amount of injuries too. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group G Update: Portugal’s Fabio Coentrao Out for Remainder of World Cup

17 Jun

fcUnfortunately for Portugal, but perhaps to the benefit of the United States, Fabio Coentrao has been ruled out of playing for the remainder of the tournament. Continue reading

Portugal Girds Their Loins

26 Jun

You know who it’s gotta suck to be right now? Cristiano Ronaldo. Because no matter what the guy does, he’ll be criticized 8 ways to  Sunday. In a way, he’s carrying his entire country on his back, as unfair as it is.  Good thing he’s got a lot of self-belief and a good team to play with. But is it enough to beat Spain? We’ll know tomorrow. If he has an on day and La Roja has an off day, we could be looking at a very different final than we all suspect. Continue reading

A Bit Of Germany, France, Portgual & Pipita! (Plus An Awesome RM Shirt)

24 May

Oh! Hi there, Germany! Can you repeat this shirtless pose when the Bayern boys arrive tomorrow? Much appreciated! Continue reading