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Training, Concentracion & So Much More

28 Aug

What’s caught your eye, Pipita? Looks like it’s Mesut.

The last training before the Super Copa final took place this afternoon. New dad Pepe was there along with new signing Modric (aka Null Null aka Nullie).  Continue reading

I Yam Happy Woman

2 Jun

Well, until Real Madrid says something officially, I am cautiously optimistic, but I really hope this is true. Pipita’s agent gave an exclusive to Goal.com (REALLY? THAT’S WHERE YOU CHOSE TO ANNOUNCE SUCH EARTH SHATTERING NEWS? YOU COULD HAVE CALLED US, DUDE!) saying that he won’t be leaving RM.  Continue reading

The Ramos Meets The Po Po

5 Jul

Ah, Sergio, you really must stay out of trouble, darlin’  The Ramos got pulled over by the po po after a night out with a group of friends, which included one Romina Belluscio. He was snapped walking down a street with Romina in Marabella recently, which obvs means that they are married. But…wait! Romina is already married! And here in lies the rub.  No one knows what the real deal is about their friendship/relationship/what have you is (hmmmm, sound familiar? See “Alvarez, Lara”) but inquiring minds want to know. Oh the dramz! Anyhow, in these pictures someone who may (or may not) be Romina is in the car, but it seems to me that she’s in the backseat (at least in one photo), but what do I know? I don’t think we can tell definitively that there weren’t more folks in the car either. Anyhow, pictures of our vehicular rebel, po po and mystery lady after the jump.  Photos courtesy of matafari via Fuck Yeah Sergio Ramos.
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UPDATED: The Brothers Ramos Receive A Visit From The Drama Llama

2 Jul

Ruh roh! Drama in the Ramos camp! Rene’s light hearted tweets of recent days must have struck a nerve in our high strung thoroughbred’s psyche. The Donald Duck picture is now missing (so glad I grabbed it when I did), Sergio has unfollowed his own brother on Twitter and Rene is begging his forgiveness through tweets. That’s a whole load of WTF for a Saturday morning, isn’t it? Sheesh.

There is rampant speculation as to what caused the rift. Some feel that it was Donaldgate but I gotta ask why? I thought it was sweet. But I can see it could get annoying perhaps if you’re trying to get your mack on and some girl starts giggling thinking about it or you’re on the pitch and everyone starts quacking or talking to you in that Donald Duck voice (you just know Albiol & Arbeloa can’t wait to do this) but to fall out with your brother over it? Another theory is that Rene mocked out his hat and Sese is mad. Let me tell you, that hat should have been mocked and if that’s the issue, someone (SERGIO) needs a thicker skin. The third idea is that the issue is over remarks Rene did/did not make to the press about Sergio wanting to leave Madrid. I personally doubt it’s the latter. Rene is a professional and I doubt this would be something he started “as a joke.”  So hopefully, the bros will make up soon and Sergio will stop being a butthurt baby and follow Rene again. It also looks like Rene may have locked his tweets going forward. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted.

UPDATE: There are now tweets saying that Rene’s Twitter account was a fake and it has been confirmed. Ummm…I’m guessing if Sergio, Taio Cruz, etc. were following him then that isn’t the truth, but whatever. I’m pretty sure at the very least Sergio knows his brother’s Twitter address as well as the people who were with him when he was making those tweets and tweeting him back, but sure, people can believe whatever makes them feel comfortable.

UPDATE 2: The only “confirmation” I’ve found of this is on Twitter or fan sites. Nothing official. Even if it was “official”, I’m really not buying that the account was fake. I think it’s backpedaling after Rene pissed Sergio off. The account is now locked down, but not deleted. I really don’t believe that Sergio would have followed a fake account of his brother’s (why the fuck would he do that?!) or that Taio Cruz would be tweeting the account with a picture of their crew in Stockholm. They were with Rene – you don’t think he would have told them it was not his Twitter address? It beggars belief, people. Just completely makes no sense at all. But whatever restores harmony in the Ramos household. Yep, it was a fake. ::rolls eyes::

Update 3:

Then why did you follow him up until last night/this morning, moron? Seriously?  Who doesn’t know if his own brother’s account is a fake? Also, it’s literally correct because – oh lookie! – the Rene account is now deleted.  So real or not, it sure doesn’t exist now (and it was around as of a few hours ago).  The whole saga has been insanely odd. I still call bullshit on the whole big balagan.

Arsenal Take on Barca and Champions League Fisticuffs!

15 Feb

Well, well, well….much to talk about in the Champions League! First off, I’d just like to send big love and luck to the Gunners tomorrow as they take on Barca.

Go, Cescy, Go!

Feel free to kick Barca’s ass, boys! In fact, I’m counting on you to. Make it so, universe! Soooo… I think a mini Cesc picspam is in order, don’t you?

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