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Playford FC Goes All Out For A Kit Sponsor

5 Aug

This is just hilarious. Sunday League side Playford FC doesn’t have a kit sponsor for the second year in a row, so they tried a great strategy to draw attention to their plight: a video of them playing in their underwear. It’s super adorable and really funny (the booking part is awesome). The club has been around for 15 years. Their website is equally funny and self-deprecating. (For instance, they charted their Man of the Match vote bromances! There’s a Brokeback Mountain chart for the season!!) They sound like a great bunch of guys (and right after our own hearts) and they’ve won the league’s Fair Play award 3 times. I wish I could afford to sponsor their kits but blogging doesn’t make any money. However, you can sponsor a player for a mere £15. Hmmm, maybe we should sponsor a player or two. 🙂 Why not? If anyone has spare $$ and wants to do a good deed, there’s about 15 or so players who don’t have sponsorships.  No matter what, I wish them lots of luck and I really hope this will get them attention and a kit sponsor. GO PLAYFORD!

– Lozil

Bare Arses, Kittens, Curlers, Happy Returns, Sad Leave-Takings, Inspirational Tales, Tired Boys

21 Mar

Hooray for the Internet! Yesterday’s arse slide was bound to show up on YouTube and sure enough, one quick Google and I had the footage. Poor Filipe Luis. Can’t be easy having your arse bared to millions of people on live television, but honey, you have nothing to be ashamed of – that’s a nice booty! And check out my boo getting all aggro and shove-y. He’s a little spitfire when he’s after the ball. Remember when he shoved the referee?

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The Daily Drool: Benny Feilhaber

16 Mar

::sings:: “Wanna get DIRTY! Wanna get DIRTY!”:: Mmm, yummy.  Mucky as he is in this picture, Benny is actually a nice boy who cleans up well Although Benny was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he’s an American  and is a midfielder on the US National Team. He also plays for AGF Aarhus in the  Danish 1st Division. Hot!

He is also a completely hilarious goofball who put a video of himself lip syncing “No Air” on YouTube and he is still scorching even when drag queening it up. Did I mention he lip syncs while he’s in bed and shirtless? Yeah, I thought you’d enjoy that part. Lordy, his eyes are gorgeous.


Xabi Alonso Is The New Ryan Gosling

4 Feb

Xabi Alonso, a beautiful man playing The Beautiful Game.

I just loved this shot of Xabi taking a kick at the Santiago Bernabeu that was on the Real Madrid website and had to share.

In my opinion, there can never be enough Xabi Alonso. Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds the Basque charmer irresistible and wonders what life would be like if he was my secret lovah.  An absolutely hilarious new tumblr/meme has just launched that answers that very question.  Read on, intrepid wa-tishistas!

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