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A Brave Man Takes A Stand

17 May

Rick Welts, President and CEO, of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns has made a choice to live his live openly. His story (and the heartbreaking effects his closeted life took on him) was chronicled in this Sunday’s New York Times. I thought it was appropriate  to share his journey on the International Day Against Homophobia. I hope that brave men like Rick Welts, Gareth Thomas, Michael Pinto dos Santos, Anton Hysen, John Amaechi, Steven Davies and Ian Roberts will inspire others to come out and pave the way towards a sports world where people can be free to be who they are.

Mazel Tov II: Sheffield Eagles Debut Anti-Homophobia Jersey

15 Mar

While this is about rugby, it’s also about something that is very near and dear to our hearts, namely, the campaign against homophobia in sports. This past weekend, English rugby side Sheffield Eagles became the first UK sports team to wear a shirt with an anti-homophobia slogan. The shirt (and campaign) states “Homophobia: Tackle It!” and was jointly sponsored by LGBT History Month and Pride Sports with backing from the University & College Union (UCU) and the National Union of Teachers (NUT). On the eve of the kit’s debut, openly gay sports stars Ian Roberts and Gareth Thomas (rugby), John Amaechi (former NBA player) and Steven Davies (cricket) spoke out about their support for Sheffield’s campaign.  Sir Elton John also congratulated Sheffield on the initiative and sent the team a message of support.

Good on you, Sheffield Eagles! Real men support equality for all.

(As always, I urge you to visit Red Card Homophobia and The Justin Campaign to show your support. Homophobia has no place on the field, or off.)