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Goalie Headers and Cartwheels

24 Aug

tumblr_nas1eo6HcU1qd9m5oo1_1280During the Athletic Bilbao vs Malaga game Saturday, Athletic were chasing an equalizer after going down to 9 men (2 red cards in two minutes) so goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz came forward for an extra-time free-kick. And this awesomeness happened:

Muniain enjoying the view.

Muniain enjoying the view.

What a bullet! Iraizoz and his teammates went nuts in celebration. Until the linesman and referee disallowed the goal. Then they went a different kind of nuts. It all looked good to me, no offside or player interference, but hey I’m no “official” ref. I would have loved Iraizoz to have been awarded the goal though; underrated by many but always a solid player. Just normally between his own goal posts.

 Iraizoz talking with referee Mateo Lahoz after the game. Uncomfortable.

Iraizoz talking with referee Mateo Lahoz after the game. Uncomfortable.

And over in the Sevilla vs Valencia game, a different kind of awesome happened:

LOL – who decides to throw a cartwheel in order to block a shot?! Either midfielder Andre Gomes (21) or defender Nicolás Otamendi (23), that’s who. I can’t tell which one, despite what the video title indicates.

Hope the boys are making notes: goalies scoring headers and players turning cartwheels. The new lines of defense to break down for 2014-15.


Merry Christmas/Happy New Year From La Roja & La Rojita!

29 Dec

I continue to be about as useful as a block of wood, laying in bed here wheezing, I’ll make two quick posts before I fall asleep yet again. (Thanks for all the kind wishes, BTW. Max and I are doing okay but I think I’ve morphed into a cat since I’m sleeping about 14 hours a day).

The merry men of La Roja & the bebes of La Rojita taped holiday messages and – glory be! – blooper reels (I’m side eyeing you, Real Madrid – better get mine tomorrow). So here you go. Chori was very, very Chori (I like how someone handed him a giant Christmas tree to put at crotch level – just adding more fuel to his nickname, eh?) Everyone is just a complete goofball. I do love seeing Xabi crack up and Alvaro being (lovingly) frustrated by his boo. I also got a kick out of how they paired tiny guys with big dudes and perched the wee ones on the shelf (Mata/Negredo, Monreal/Llorente). Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Iker Muniaín & Ibai Gómez

25 Dec

177573_heroaThese Athletic Bilbao baby bromancers have been servin’ up the man love since 2010. Their red striped kits (along with the green ones) make this kinda Christmas-y, no? Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Iker Muniain

25 Apr

a42cf09ae3906b12337ea5f06c004effWatishista Ola nominated Iker: “my guilty pleasure may be Bart Simpson from athletic bilbao;-) strange hairstyles,pocket size and sense of humor makes Muniain kind of adorable for me…”  Iker has got himself a wee wild side as well.

Bits & Bobs: Beaches, On The Road Again, Fish Or Dorito Breath?, That’s Not Fashion Honey! And More

19 Jul

Let’s start the bits and bobs off with Albiol today, shall we? I’ve been missing him and he’s not tweeting all that much. However, his vacation pals San Bernardino and Antonio Leon gifted us with a few piccies.  Continue reading

Otters Don’t Know Shit, Guti Shaves & Shills and More Bits & Bobs

29 Jun

Ferret the Otter, why did you make me believe?! I know I can’t blame it on the otter but right now it’s all just too fresh. I’m still too bummed out to talk about yesterday. This was a painful match for me as I grew up supporting Italy and Germany is the team of my heart. The final is going to be even more wrenching.  Ugh! Why do I care so much?! I did love this picture of wily ol’ Pirlo (who has been awe inspiring) consoling the young genius Ozil.  Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: The “Huh?” Edition

25 Jun

I am so behind on posts that I don’t have a bloody clue where to start. So how about Iker Muniain’s head in a kitchen counter. Yeah, I dunno. But he posted it on Twitter. You’re welcome. 😉 At least it’s not him hanging out with amateur pR0n stars, so progress! Continue reading

Updated: Um, You Probably Shouldn’t Wear The National Team Uniform While Doing That

8 Mar

Oh dear, Javi Martinez and Iker Muniain were caught on webcam partying with some ladies one of whom (the dark haired girl) is an amateur porn star. Nice. You can read all about it in English over on Kickette. Another piccy after the jump.
Continue reading

La Roja & Portugal Training

27 Feb

Iker posted a bunch of pictures from training, first starting with this one of him with Carling Cup winner Pepe Reina. Continue reading