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I’m So Going To Have Nightmares Tonight

17 Dec

I’m just going to leave this here and slowly back away. I think I took too much cold medicine. I did, right? Oy.

– Lozil

Oh Man, It’s Worse Than I Thought

10 Jan

I thought the outfit was bad before until I found this close up at the guti_haz-luvahs LJ and damn, Guti. Someone seriously needs to burn that sweater, stat.

– Lozil

Holy F**k! Hope Solo To Be On Season 13 Of Dancing With The Stars

29 Aug

Okay, I so did not see that coming. Although, after just hitting Google now, apparently it’s been a rumor wafting about for a few days, one of which I lived in happy oblivion. Now, I love me some Hope like a mofo and I will be ever so happy to see her in tiny outfits, because…GORGEOUS/HOT…but does this mean I actually have to watch DWTS? It’s so not my thing. I’m half appalled and half titillated by her participation. If it brings attention to the women’s game, awesome. And we get to see Hope every week on our TV sets. I’m betting she’ll take this thing (early prediction). What do y’all think about this?!