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A Big Ol’ La Roja Pick-Me-Up

4 Sep


With all the La Liga/transfer drama & sadness, International Duty couldn’t have come at a better time. Hopefully the magic of La Roja & their pretty pretty can drag us out of depression and mourning for a few moments. This is a big post with a lot of compiled shizz, so I aim to bring smiles to your faces at least once! Here we go, awful outfits, handsome faces, and singing…yes, singing.

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Confederations Cup Final: Brazil vs Spain

3 Jul

Brazil v Spain: Final - FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013

Nando’s face says it all, doesn’t it? *Sigh* This game, this game, this game. There’s really not a whole lot to talk about since it was so obvious that Spain was outplayed. As a La Roja fan, it’s disappointing, but Brazil deserved the win completely. I do think that this loss will only help La Roja though. It brings them down a notch and now they have to really look at the way they play, get to reset & regroup as they continue to work towards being successful in qualifying for the 2014 WC and adding another star to their jerseys. Better they have their Brazilian wake up call now, rather than later, that’s for sure.

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Confederations Cup: Spain vs Italy

3 Jul


This is one of two last Confed Cup game recaps…..let’s categorize it as the only one where you’ll see Spain smiling, shall we? I have a love/hate relationship with penalty shootouts, maybe everyone does. It’s a little exciting when teams you don’t support have to go through them, but when it’s your team….nuh uh. Eyes get squeezed shut, hands to my face (fingernail-less hands I should add), and lots and lots of holding my breath whilst praying. But I’m getting ahead of myself, there was a whole 120 minutes of disappointment before that, it definitely wasn’t the Euro final redo I was expecting. Italy had all the attacking power, but lacked the luck to get any goals in and Spain had Iker & Italy’s inability to score going for them. In the end, it was the little bird that had us saying “Thank you, Jesus!”

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Here We Go Again! Spain vs Ireland!

14 Jun

It’s almost game time and it looks like the Irish & Spanish fans are having a blast already, or as much fun as you can in a morph suit! Has anyone ever tried one of those things on?? I think it would be crazy hot…in more ways than one if you’ve got a super tight body. 😉 Let’s hope for a big Spanish win today with lots of goals from, drum roll please, Fernando Torres! Nando makes the starting lineup today, check out the rest of the list. Continue reading

La Roja vs China Quicky Piccies

6 Jun

Sorry this is a late one, it slipped my mind a bit.  The China friendly wasn’t so pretty & there’s not much to recap, but like always there are pretties to be seen & enjoyed! Continue reading

The Euro 23

27 May

The list is out! VdB said he wished he could bring all his men to the Euros but….obviously he can’t, which leads to a little sadness. I think some maybe deserved to be on the list a little more than those who did, but let’s see who’s going. Continue reading

La Roja, Gettin’ Friendly With It

4 Mar

How do I not open with this shot?! Crotchalicious. Well, for a team that lost 3 of their last 4 international friendlies, a score of 5-0 ain’t too shabby huh? I didn’t find this match extremely exciting, since all the effort was one-sided, but we did get to see some good game from our boys. We saw Soldado completely kick ass, Muniain make his senior team debut, hot totties on the bench & pitch, and thought of our beloved Nando…there’s a while ’til summer & still time to get that big booty in gear! Continue reading