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Karim Back To Training & Lukita’s A Star

11 Mar

Satellite (6)Boy, am I happy to see Karim back on the pitch! He did some running drills today and then his own special forever-alone exercise program. Continue reading

I’m Pretty Sure They Make A Cream For That, Dude

5 Apr

Something’s gotten into Barca’s pants and it ain’t Shakira this time!  But whether it’s garden variety jock itch or straight up crabs, might I suggest that Mssrs. Cuenca, Alves and Messi get themselves to the nearest pharmacy, stat? Ew. If I was their opponent, I’d be skipping the pre-game handshake after watching this. (Cuenca is REALLY going for it, isn’t he? And why is everything backwards in this video?)

(Via Kickette)

– Lozil