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Training & Valentines

14 Feb
Someone's gonna get sued by Bale.

Someone’s gonna get sued by Bale.

I’m so pissed! I thought the match was tomorrow so I scheduled something for Sunday morning that I now can’t get out of. DAMN IT! I’m going to miss the first half. Sigh. So anyhow the team trained again today for the dang match on Sunday. ::pouts:: Continue reading

UPDATED: Sunday Bits & Bobs: Part II (Now On A Monday Morning)

15 Jul

da42000aebf911e283d722000a1f99fc_7Well now that its heading for 1 AM and I’m in an absolutely foul mood, I’m going to make this a quick post since I have to be up for work in a few hours. This post deals with non-Real players. David Luiz and his goofiness always seem to cheer me up. He’s adorable.  Continue reading

Mazel Tov: Robin van Persie Wins PFA Player of the Year

23 Apr

Arsenal captain and all around hot stuff Robin van Yummy took home the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year award last night. Continue reading

Raul & Ivone Rockin’ Out

14 Mar

You know, I think I love them even more than before. I want to go out for beers with these two if they can get a sitter for adorable 7 year old daughter Lara. Here they are hanging out at the Didier Drogba Foundation Charity Ball. I totally would have wanted to be at their table. They just look like fun. These two are madly in love and have been together since they were super young (like early teens young). When you see interviews with them, it’s clear how much they adore each other.  I have a whopping crush on both of them. Keep rockin’ out you two!

– Lozil

Updated: Bromance Drama/Pre-Match Stretchies/Hipster Taunting

14 Mar

Hey Alvaro, you look a bit lost without your big burly partner in crime now that he’s moved on. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Raul Meireles

10 Apr

I totally love tattooed Portuguese National Team and Liverpool midfielder Raul Meireles not in the least because his wife Ivone is hot and tatted up as well. He just seems like a solid guy. Loyal wa-tishista kfunk22 asked for some Raul with hair – will this do, boo?