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Welcome to the Sam Kerr Show!

21 Jun

That is not completely fair because, yes, Sam Kerr had an amazing showing but Jamaica ended their World Cup run with plenty to be proud of. Both sets of fans were ready for action. Continue reading

Cinque Terror?

15 Jun

Sorry for the really bad pun but a five goal fest put Italy on top of Group C on Friday and folks are starting to put two and two together. If you invest in a women’s league and give the ladies some resources, good things may indeed happen. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – WWC 2019 Group C – Jamaica: Khadija Shaw

15 Jun

Forward Khadija has represented Jamaica at the U17, U20 and senior levels. She currently plays for Bordeaux.

Cristiane’s Hat Trick Carries Brazil to the Top of Group B

11 Jun

Brazil and Jamaica met on Sunday to open Group B. These two teams have similar stories about lack of federation support. While the story about Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella’s work to fundraise to save the Jamaican’s women’s team seems like a feel good story, there’s nothing good about how many women’s teams suffer due to issues with their federations – funding, support, etc. Brazil too has had consistent struggles with its federation so it’s a wonder to see how well these women perform in spite of the lack of support. Some of the commentary about Cristiane mentioned her time away from the game but may not have mentioned that it was due to her concerns regarding the treatment of the women’s team. Continue reading

2019 Women’s World Cup: Group C Preview

26 May

Am I allowed to have a favourite group? ‘Coz this is it. There are so many different styles of football happening here I dare you to not be entertained. The Matildas, the Reggae Girlz, the Seleção, and the Azzurre. The conceptual style and strength combinations are insane to consider. I’ve got goosebumps imagining how it’ll play out on the pitch. Continue reading

Are You a Reggae Girl?

3 Aug

The Jamaican women’s soccer team aka the Reggae Girlz has initiated a project on IndieGoGo to raise money in their bid to qualify for the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Continue reading