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Stevie G Vs. Carra

12 Mar
I see you putting Gerlonso right in the middle, Stevie. You're fooling no one!

I see you putting Gerlonso right in the middle, Stevie. You’re fooling no one!

Stevie G and Jamie Carragher will go into battle against each other on March 29…for charity. The funds raised will go to community projects in Liverpool. The match completely sold out in hours (surprised it wasn’t minutes, actually) but you can check out the teams after the jump. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Steven Gerrard & Jamie Carragher

26 Dec

Steven-Gerrard-Jamie-Carragher-Liverpool-1024_2734039Even though Jamie retired at the end of last season, this bromance will go on forever. Stevie G & Carra played together on both Liverpool (youth & senior sides) & the English National Team from 1988-2013. Amazing! They don’t make bromances like that anymore – one for the ages. Continue reading

Oh Dear. That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does, Hon.

27 Nov

I read this on Dirty Tackle and choked on my tea.  Poor Pepe Reina. He said that Jamie Carragher doesn’t like him to “fist him before the game” so they just high five. Erm…yeah. I can understand that a fisting session before a match might adversely affect Carra’s performance.  (If you don’t know what fisting is, well, Google it, but I assure you, it’s a NSFW sexual practice).  I can only assume (as does Brooks) that he means that Carra has some superstition about fist bumps. I’m sure when someone explains the difference to Pepe, he’s going to laugh his arse off and tease Carra about it forever. Bless. Pepe Reina is adorable no matter what he does. (Note: Reina is a notorious prankster so he may have known exactly what he was saying).

The Daily Drool: Jamie Carragher

24 Aug

Okay, I know this choice is going to be controversial, but I know some of you ladies like your men rugged and rough n’ tumble. Carra certainly fits that bill! Defender and vice captain of Liverpool, Jamie is a Red through and through. As of May 9, 2011 he had made 666 (stop giggling!) appearances for the club across all competitions making him second on the club’s all time appearance list. His youth career was at Liverpool from 1990-1996 and then he signed to the senior team where he has been ever since. He began representing England internationally with the U20 squad in 1997 and moved up to the senior team where he made 38 appearances from 1999-2010. I must say, I think this is a fantastic picture of him.