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Super Copa Time! (And More)

19 Aug
Looking VERY good, Karim!

Looking VERY good, Karim!

The team is off to the Cuidad Real Madrid residences to chill out pre-match.  Continue reading

Saturday Training, Pirata, The Napoli Boys & Xabi

24 Aug

Entrenamiento_del_Real_MadridGood news – Illara is improving and joined the team for training today. The Baby, Xabi, Sami and Denis worked on their recoveries. I hate to see so many crucial players injured, damn it. Monday’s match is away at Granada. Continue reading

Oooh, Child!

30 Jan

BB5C7jwCEAAm1scVarane was absolutely IMMENSE today against Barca. What a Clasico debut! Maisougio will prepare a proper match report, but I just had to congratulate The Baby on his epic performance.  Man of the Match, hands down.

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Moucation and Other Bits & Bobs

22 Jun

Watishista! super sleuth Maddy tracked down this picture of Mou and the fam kicking back over on Mesut Means Happy  When I popped over there to see what was happening, I came upon this hilarious ESPN Women’s World Cup commercial with Abby Wambach.
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Ouch And Hooray!

22 May

That picture kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Ronaldo triumphs and Almeria is deader than a doornail. The “ouch” is for both me and Almeria. I threw out my back this morning and I’m in quite a bit of pain (as I imagine the relegated Almeria is tonight. My condolences). I’m just trying to stay resting quietly until I go to my acupuncturist tomorrow morning.  I hobbled on down to the pub to watch our boys play the last match of the season and Crissy break the La Liga scoring record. I wasn’t disappointed!
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It’s Official: Goodbye, Jerzy Dudek

20 May

After 4 years at Real Madrid, Jerzy Dudek will play his last game tomorrow (as we suspected). RM made the official announcement tonight on their website. It’s gotta suck being on the same team as the best goalkeeper in the world. Chances to play are few and far between and poor Jerzy, last time he got a chance, got his jaw broken after 45 minutes on the pitch. Argh. In his time with Los Blancos, the team won one Liga title, 1 Supercopa and the Copa Del Rey. Prior to arriving in Madrid, he was with Liverpool and was on their 2005 European Cup winning side. Best of luck to you, Jerzy!

UPDATED: So Much Freaking News Today

17 May

Have some hot Pipita to get you through the news round up…

Lots of bits and bobs today – not all of it earth shattering, but c’mon in…

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Apologies, News, Scandals, Baby Mama Drama, The Pride Cup

14 May

First, my apologies, there was a ton of news yesterday and I was completely missing in action. I had a (thankfully) minor surgical procedure and I just didn’t feel well enough to do any posting. So I crawled in bed and slept for about 14 hours. Mea culpa.  Sheesh, doesn’t my doctor understand I have a blog to do?! PRIORITIES, DOCTOR! LEARN THEM! Anyhow, I’m feeling a bit better today so I’ll try to catch up on everything. There’s a lot to cover!

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Booze Soaked Festivities…

21 Apr

Nice hip dips, boo!
Baby boy is bulking up a bit!

Mesut must be in seventh heaven – not only has he won a title, he got to pose with the cup and his idol, Zizou! This is from his Facebook page as well.

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Girding Our Loins For El Clasico

15 Apr

As we get ready for El Clasico, Mou started the mindfucking off in epic style. He let Karanka give the press conference and refused to talk. As a result, 30 Spanish journalists staged a walkout. Oh Mou, I love you.  The best part about Spring in Madrid and training? Los Blancos wear less clothing.

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