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Training Catch Up, Arrival In Sofia & A Sernando Reunion To Look Forward To!

30 Sep
Satellite (7)

Thumbs up in stereo

Well, the week has flown by and the team is already in Sofia (for the first time in 35 years)! I’ve been in the midst of a couple of work-related all nighters with a couple of more to come so I’m going to try to get a bunch of posts up tonight (the watishista correspondents have been taking up the slack and producing some goodies).  So this is a very quick and dirty catch up. Continue reading

Big Flow-tastic

26 Mar

Greetings from the Ancestral Land of Xabis where watishista mygypsyspirit and I have managed not to be swept out to sea in the frequent torrential rain/hail storms. The pinxtos are great, the men even better and we’ll let you know about the football tomorrow. What was NOT good is watching RM lose tonight. Seriously bummed us out. But thanks to Jese & Big Flow (with cameos from Derik & Omar), we had something to make us smile (a wee bit) again. You also REALLY need to see the gifs from the video created by watishista pinpanpam because they are epic.

And now, to bed. I’ve got a long awaited lunch date with one of the gods of Basque gastronomy tomorrow and a footy match at night.

– Lozil

It Only Takes One

17 Mar

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo hangs from the crossbar after missing an opportunity to score against Malaga during their Spanish First Division match in Malaga

In terms of points, we had a good weekend, holding onto our spot at the top. In terms of goals, it could’ve been a better weekend, but in the end we only needed the one. Cris scored the winner early on in the first half, but him and the boys weren’t necessarily disappointing for the rest of the match, they just delivered in other ways…. Continue reading

Top of La Liga and Kickin’ Ass in the Champions League

28 Feb

el smackdown madrileno

*Cue the dramatic music* Our last two matches… in two different competitions…our boys did great things and were rewarded BIG in return. El Smackdown Madrileno! Against Elche we took away the three points and did what?… Oh yeah, assumed our position at the top of La Liga! (with help from Real Sociedad, thank you!) Coming off of that high, it was time to get down to Champions League business. From what we saw on Wednesday, it looked like our boys not only wanted to do well, but also they were up for dishing out a spankin’! Ooh-wee kickin’ ass in Germany! With that, Real Madrid became the first team to score 6 away goals on German soil, in the history of the Champions League. (MisterChip) How’s that for a stat??

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Thursday Recovery Session & Leftovers From Champions League

27 Feb

“I got me some grade A #1 Muppet Baby action right here!”

I see Illara is settling in well. He’s already bromancing and has his fingers on King Muppet Baby’s thigh. Check out that shit eating Ramos-style grin. He’s going to fit right in. Continue reading

Hello Copa del Rey Final!

13 Feb


Peeps, can I get an OOH-WE?? To the freakin’ finals we go! It’ll be another Clasico final, just like in 2011…when we crushed Barca AND our trophy. Ba-dum-tish! We’ve got the goods, we know how to use ’em, we just gotta keep puttin’ our stuff to work. Show us the silverware, boys!

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Workin’ Villarreally Well Together

11 Feb


On Saturday night, our boys bust it out with another goal party, takin’ home the points like they’re s’posed ta! And I’m about to bust this recap out, like nobody’s business, before I get even more behind on deadlines! EEEEK! Sorry about the quickie 😦

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A Derby Done Right

7 Feb


Tell me, can you really have a bad week when your boys kick Atleti ass in the middle of it? No, I don’t think so! Everytime I look through these match pics, I still get the urge to pump my fist in the air in honor of our victory….and then I think of Diego Costa and those first pumps turn into jabs and hooks. Aside from the bouts of hostility from both sides (Arbie, please refrain from foot stomping), our boys left us with a performance we can be proud of and Atleti is going to have a hard time trying to outdo us in the 2nd leg!

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Athletic Bilbuzzkill

4 Feb


Is it safe to say that this is was everyone’s reaction to all that went down during the Bilbao match? Minus the Isco smile of course. (I wonder who really is getting the bird from him though?) Some awful play acting from some of the Bilbuzzkill  men, a riDICK red card for Cristiano, the return of Varane (for a whole two minutes), and a stankin’ one point. Yep, this weekend wasn’t too hot. BOO!

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CdR Quarter Finals: First Leg

25 Jan


Ugh I could go for a huggin’ manwich right now, because I am fuhreezing! Eighteen degrees and we’re supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow tonight. WAHHHHHH! I HATE YOU WINTER! Ok, I better get to finishing this thang because going to bed is sounding like a mighty fine idea right now….look how fun I am on a Friday night 😉

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