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It’s Official: Jesús Fernández Heads To Levante

4 Aug

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The exodus continues. Our goalkeeping woobins Jesús is off to Levante, doing the ol’ switcheroo with Keylor Navas. Wishing him all the luck in the world.

– Lozil

It’s Official: Keylor Navas Signs To Real Madrid & Our Drama Continues

4 Aug

This all went down yesterday, but I couldn’t cope with talking about it once I got home. (He’s signed a 6 year contract and will be presented tomorrow. Here’s some more info)

No doubt in my mind that Navas is a terrific goalkeeper, but…did we really need him? Nah. And of course, we already have plenty of drama surrounding our goalkeepers.  Continue reading

Two Weddings & A Baby

3 Jun

10375834_642491729170346_216058751_nLove was in the air this weekend when Nacho married his girlfriend Maria Cortes. Many of our players (present and past) were on hand for the ceremony with their ladies. Illara, Morata, Isco, Dani Carvajal, Jesus Fernandez, Arbeloa, Joselu & brother of the groom Alex. Continue reading

Shaving! Haircuts! History! More Frakkin’ Injuries & Off To Vigo

11 May

5Someone has gone clean shaven for the trip to Vigo, I see. I’ll take my Xabi in any way, shape or form, so works for me. Continue reading

Final Whistle Means Party Time a.k.a Drunk Xabi Time

19 Apr

I love that once the title is secured, we know exactly what to expect next….locker room dancing, heavily gif’d shenanigans (bless the giffers!), and DRUNK XABI. A win just wouldn’t be the same without the latter!

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18 Apr


We….did….IT!!!!! Faq, it feels good to have a trophy again, doesn’t it?? I still don’t think it’s sunk in for me yet. Not that I didn’t think the boys could do it, they just stir up a whirlwind of emotions & it takes time for me to process all the cray! And by cray I mean watching the celebrations, anticipating a Copa accident, and then being slightly disappointed that the thing made it out alive… But shit….now that we have one, let’s go for a fuckin’ clean sweep. The treble, boys, THE TREBLE!

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Champions League Action Here We Come

1 Apr

Show us what ya got!

Final training session before CL quarter finals tomorrow? Check. Another player to add to our growing list of injured boys? Check. Seriously, can we STOP with the injuries please?? It’s like everytime someone is close to rejoining the team, we find ourselves with another player on the way out. Ugh.

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