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The Birthday Boy, Training, Presser & Off To Sevilla

17 Jan

Birthday boy Alvaro was given the gift of two bearded Muppet Babies

Well, perhaps that’s what I need for my birthday as well. Not to mention, Maisougio’s is fast approaching! The team had their last training today before heading off to Seville. Continue reading

Back To Work, Preparing For PSG

29 Dec

Papi-to-be Iker is going to be juggling a lot very soon.

Iker canceled an appearance in Qatar this week for a goalkeeping clinic on the advice of doctors. Looks like the birth of San Baby is imminent. He did appear via Skype though to answer questions. Since the team will be heading off to Qatar for the friendly against PSG on January 2nd, I guess that puts Iker’s participation up in the air unless, of course, the baby makes his arrival before that time. C’mon San Baby! We can’t wait to see you! Continue reading

More Vids, Some Bits & Bobs

27 Dec

Well, Santa brought me an unwelcome present this year. That cough I couldn’t get rid of turned out to be bronchitis. So much for my vacation, eh? As I said to someone earlier, now I have an excuse for laying around in bed, getting nothing done. Oh well. Here’s a few quick bits before I conk out again. More paired up Christmas videos have shown up but still no bloopers. Continue reading

Last Training of The Week, Ancelotti Loves Xabi, Zizou Loves Cris, & Hello Spandex!

6 Dec

“You think that will make the Watishistas love you even more?”

Booty stretches? Check. Last training session complete? Check, Check. Hello weekend & hello Copa del Rey! The boys have prepared all week and tomorrow they’ll take on Olimpic de Xativa at the La Murta Stadium.

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All Healthy Boys Reporting for Duty

5 Dec


BREAKING: Casemiro revealed to be love child of Cristiano Ronaldo & Marcelo! Yeah…so that’s not the big story today on RM’s website, but it should be! Kid’s got the look. And hey, that would say something about the power of Madrid’s super baby-making water! 😛 The big story does have something to do with Cristiano though, he has returnedddddd to training. Continue reading

Training, More Nominations, Checking in with Sami, and a Familiar Face

4 Dec


Methinks Sergio is bitter about the comments I made about his hand gestures yesterday….I can see the anger in his eyes and the indecision in his hands. You’re still my favorite Pony, Sese!

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The Daily Drool: Champions League Group B – Real Madrid’s Jesús Fernández

6 Oct

Jesus-Fernandez_2958593Do you know how hard it is to find a RM player that we haven’t Drooled? That said, I can’t believe we’ve never Drooled our cutie goalkeeper Jesús. He played for Castilla from 2010-2013 and made his first team debut in 2011.

Sorry Bournemouth

25 Jul


What a fine pre-season debut our boys had, six goals and a clean sheet.  When I say “fine”, that goes for the goals scored and the boys who scored them…ba-dum-tish! (That’s the last stupid joke you’ll see in this post, promise…maybe.) We learned today, that one of the fine scorers will no longer be with us, meaning this is the last game post I’ll ever write that features Madridista Pipa. He scored his final goal for RM in Bournemouth. *cries* I will get through this post, I will get through this post.

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Los Blancos Have Arrived in Bournemouth

21 Jul


America’s Next Top Model who? Zizou doesn’t need any Tyra tips to pull off the sexy squint. Work it! Not everyone on the team was blessed with Zizou’s photogenic-ness…in some shots, the Bournemouth sun was the clear winner.

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Getting Ready For Tomorrow

14 Jul

Llegada_de_Ancelotti_ (1)Hey all – I know I promised an update last night but after a fun time with watishista forzasusan at the New York Red Bulls game (4-0 over the Montreal Impact with Thierry Henry providing 1 goal and 2 assists), we heard the verdict in the George Zimmerman case on the way home and it just took the wind out of my sails. Continue reading