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All Set To Take Our Frustration Out On Sevilla

25 Mar


It looks like everyone is feeling the need for speed, except for Pepe. Look at that poor, little, gloved grip on the side of the golf cart! He probably would’ve jumped out if Benz was in the driver’s seat 馃槈 Given the weekend we had, it really is nice to see the boys in such good spirits. I know the smiles are helping me move on, that still doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them tear into Sevilla tomorrow!

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Post-Clasico Mondays Suck

24 Mar


How do you make Mondays blow even more than they already do? Schedule El Clasico on a Sunday. Schedule fucking Undiano to referee it. I’m going to save the cursing for the match recap and keep this space a positive one. Heee-heee-hoooo, heee-heee-hoooo. Whether we’re ready or not, the team doesn’t have a choice about moving forward and focusing on Wednesday’s Sevilla match. Those in action yesterday trained indoors, while Ancelotti had eight players on the field, plus our goal keepers, and canterano Carallo.

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Training, a Chat with Xabi, and a WTF moment with Sergio

21 Mar


Baby got kicks! Training resumed today, with a few extra faces. Cristiano & Di Maria rejoined the squad after working out in the gym yesterday and Castilla players Lucas, Llorente, & Willian Jose also trained with the big boys.

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Work That Iker!

25 Mar

Entrenamiento (5)Today the keepers were put through their paces. Capi, DLo and Jesus got down to business with Silvino Louro. Continue reading

Not Everyone Had The Day Off

19 Feb

Entrenamiento (12)How fab is that shot? Perfect timing! Love it. Anyhow,聽Marcelo, Higuain, Pepe, Callejon, Diego Lopez, 聽Jesus and Arbeloa trained today, event though it was an official day off for the team. Iker continued his recovery work inside. Continue reading

Bring on Levante!

10 Nov

Here we are at the end of another week, all game moded (moded?) out. Can you believe we’re already more than a quarter of the way through the season? Yeah, I know it doesn’t seem like much but it’s right about now that time starts to really fly. I can almost smell the trophies, all sweaty & slippery, from Sergio’s future death grip on them. Wait! Wait a minute! I’m getting a little ahead of myself, we gotta win them three points tomorrow first & finish climbing the La Liga table! I hope tomorrow’s match isn’t as tough as I’m thinking it will be, Levante is tough even with a complete & healthy squad. They’re three points behind us on the table, which is why it’s extremely important that we whoop booty tomorrow! Mou spoke to the press today and as always, he was confident in his team & gave us a look at tomorrow’s lineup.

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RM Get to Training, Presser-ing, Interviewing, & Concentratin’

2 Nov

Zaragoza is going to come a-callin’ tomorrow & the boys will be ready for them! The last training session was held this morning & the big news is Arbeloa is training normally & even made the list for the match. One by one, our injured are getting healthy…they just need to hurry up about it! 馃槈

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A Chat with Mou & CdR Call Ups

30 Oct

Ready or not, here comes another competition! Tomorrow starts the Copa del Rey, as the boys will travel to Alcoy & look to start the CdR on the right foot. The boys who are traveling, might not be whom you expect and that’s what Mou discussed with the press today, along with other Misterly things.

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The Big Boys And The Babies Get Down To Work

9 May

Iker can’t resist the lure of picking on Mesut. I don’t think I could either. Any excuse to get my hands on him!

Six of the first teamers (Iker, Sergio, Arbeloa, Coentra0, Sami & Mesut) trained today along with Castilla/Real Madrid C Muppet Babies Jesus, Molero, Andy, Alvaro Lopez, Fran Sol and Sobrino. Guess Mou gave everyone else the day off. Sergio, like a good vice-captain welcomed the young’uns. Continue reading

Ouch And Hooray!

22 May

That picture kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Ronaldo triumphs and Almeria is deader than a doornail. The “ouch” is for both me and Almeria. I threw out my back this morning and I’m in quite a bit of pain (as I imagine the relegated Almeria is tonight. My condolences). I’m just trying to stay resting quietly until I go to my acupuncturist tomorrow morning.聽 I hobbled on down to the pub to watch our boys play the last match of the season and Crissy break the La Liga scoring record. I wasn’t disappointed!
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