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Well, Then…

6 Mar


I have been tied up with a project where the deadline was moved up 4 1/2 weeks so that hasn’t left me much time for soccer. However, the past week has clearly not been kind to Los Blancos. I have shook my fist at heaven and cursed at my TV. I’m sure you did the same. But there is always next year and we can’t win everything all the time (clearly). This too shall pass. A small antidote to the fuckery that actually made me crack a smile was this picture of Jese. Let those tiger asses soothe your soul, people! Tomorrow is another day. And as Jese says here, “If you dream about it, you can make it a reality.” So let’s start dreaming about a winning future for our boys. (And seriously, does he mean he dreamed that outfit into reality? Because…damn.)

Hala Madrid y nada mas!

– Lozil

In Case You Were Wondering What Jese Was Up To…

21 Jun


::snort:: It’s much as you would imagine but at this point he’s out Ramosed The Ramos!

What is that outfit even? He looks like he’s crash landed in some sort of version of Baller Bad Fashion Heaven (which apparently is located in Versailles).  From the waist down, it  is straight up extraneous zippers ahoy! Apparently there is a DSquared store in heaven…  And from the neckline up, it’s so damn 70s that I almost can’t cope.  He seems to be channeling a very nervous undercover Rhoda Morgenstern  being a wallflower at the high school dance if,  you know, Rhoda had a beard and some bitchin’ shades. Wow. Somewhere The Ramos and Guti are shook.

Oh, but there is more… Continue reading

It’s (Finally) Official: Jese to PSG

8 Aug

JeseIt’s been talked about for awhile, but the official news has finally come down. Jese is off to PSG. And you know what that means: French rap collaborations! Continue reading

New Jey M Video

15 Jul

So the new Jey M video is out, long after the Yo Sabia single was released and it…well, let’s just say it needs more chiffon. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jese!

26 Feb

VENEZUELA--Jes-eacute--inicia-su-carrera-musical-en-solitario-como--Jey-M-Our purveyor of all things reggaeton and da club turns 23 today – how can he only be 23?! Feliz cumpleaños Jese, erm, I mean Jey M. Celebrate his birth by revisiting the immortal La Mano Arriba (“Con Mennnnnnnnnnndez!”) and all our Big Flow/Jey M related posts

Flashin’ Those Diamonds

20 Jan

Satellite (10)Crispy isn’t saving his microdiamond boots for a special occasion, oh no!- he’s wearing them in training. The team got back down to work after a day off as they prepare for Saturday’s Liga match vs. Córdoba. Continue reading

Ningún Niño Sin Regalo Campaign, Baller “Fashion” & So Begins The Reign Of Jey M

5 Jan

Satellite (1)Tomorrow is Dia de los Reyes in Spain so Real Madrid Foundation kicked off their 6th annual Ningún niño sin regalo (No child without a gift) campaign. A worthy cause indeed. Over 1500 gifts will be given to children who are under the care of the Community of Madrid. 30 lucky kids were invited to take the Bernabeu tour and received gifts directly from Sergio, Jese & a clean shaven Isco. Continue reading

Jese: (Big) Flow No!

15 Dec

2487507_full-lndMan, I thought Jese was breaking my heart when he was injured. Little did I know what was in store. Gird your loins, Big Flow fans and read on… Continue reading