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Final Cali Training & Off To Miami!

5 Aug
Entrenamiento (22)

Mmmmm, Sami…

The team held their final training at UCLA today before flying to Miami. They will be arriving at their hotel at 11 PM Eastern.

Has anyone else noticed how regimented the trainings seem to be under Ancelotti? It’s always interested to see how new coaches structure things. Continue reading

I Love It When Famous People Fangirl

4 Aug

BQzoQcQCYAANZpnI cracked up when I saw this caption on Sese’s picture with JLo & her boytoy Casper: “Happiness is having friends like @JLo near…” As you may remember, Sergio & JLo met last summer and she wore her Madrid jersey. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: He’s Just Sergi From The Block, Top Gun, Bad Dog!, And More…

8 Oct

Don’t be fooled by the tablecloth scarves that he’s got, he’s still Sergi from the block.  Here’s Sese with the surprisingly (to me) itty bitty JLo, who is reppin’ Madrid. Continue reading