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Saturday Night Bits & Bobs

28 Jul

420a6de6f3af11e2a92822000aeb0d34_7It’s been a hectic day, not in the least because I had to buy a new computer. Always so stressful getting things set up. So I wanted to try to fit in a quick bits & bobs post before the end of the day. Not sure I’ll actually make that, but here we go! Let’s start with our boy Enzo and his first boots (according to his mami!) Aw! Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Joan Capdevila

2 Aug

Adorkable Joan is a left back for La Roja and as of July 21, Benfica with who he just signed a 2 year contract.  He previously had long stints with Deportivo La Coruña (2000-2007) and Villareal (2007-2011).  He has played for both Spain and Catalonia since 2002. He’s known for his goofy jokes. That smile is pretty charming as well!

UPDATED: Gettin’ Excited For Foxboro!

3 Jun

“Yo, Shiggers! I want your fine arse in Boston ASAP!”

Iker’s got Facebook fever again and I love him for it. He posted a ton of pictures from his Campus de fútbol Iker Casillas in Mostoles and here are just a couple…
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The Sernando Drought Continues…

1 Jun

Um…Sergio? That’s the wrong Fernando!

Whatever is (or rather isn’t) going on between Sernando needs to be fixed and pronto! Definitely by this weekend! I want some full metal Sernando action at Foxboro or my head will explode.
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