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The Daily Drool: Joachim “Jogi” Löw

20 Mar

loewThe fashionable and handsome Jogi has a long coaching career. He started out in 1994 coaching FC Winterthur (youth) before moving on to FC Frauenfeld, VfB Stuttgart (assistant and head coach),  Fenerbahçe, Karlsruher SC, Adanaspor, FC Tirol Innsbruck, FK Austria Wien and was an assistant to the Germany National Team from 2004-2006. He took over as the head coach in 2006.

Updated: International Duty Time

14 Aug

International duty time is upon us again and right before the Liga’s first game. These guys must be exhausted! 14 members of the first team have been called up to represent their countries. First up, Spain… Continue reading

Germany Goes Home

1 Jul

I’ve been in a massive pout since Germany got eliminated. I turned to other sports, drinking and napping. Nothing has eased the pain. Now, here I sit in the pub, awaiting the final. Before that starts, I had to say goodbye to Die Mannschaft. Here they are leaving  and arriving home. Sadness. Continue reading

I’m With The Otter On This One

28 Jun

Otters Moermel and Ferret made their predictions yesterday. They checked out both Germany and Italy’s mini-cars laden with treats. Moermel was digging on Italy but ultimately it was Ferret who went for Germany.(Who names an otter “Ferret”?!?!) Continue reading

Germany Gets Down To It

25 Jun

Argh, I am so exhausted! Here’s another picspam catching up with Germany that I hope I can actually stay awake to post. Mesut put this shot on Facebook today with the caption “Today I was at the press conference of the DFB. On the pitch I feel better – but media relations is one of them. But now is the concentration of the match against Italy.”  We know he’s shy with the press, but he looks so pretty talking to them! Continue reading

Trying To Catch Up: Germany

31 May

Hallo Mario!

Germany played Israel today and I’ll *try* to get a recap up over the weekend. I’m coming back from Philly tomorrow night but not until about midnight or so, which means I’m already behind schedule. Fun! Maybe on the trip I’ll have time to write one up if the gods of wifi are good to me. Continue reading

Die Mannschaft Train & Badass Around Monaco

29 May

OMG! You have no idea how happy I am to see Schweini and the other Bayern boys. He looks pretty happy too. I’m sooo excited for the tournament to start so Die Mannschaft can kick the serious arse that I know that will. Whoops! I’m being a little partisan, but they are my boos. I love Spain and I’ve supported Italy my whole life. I have a major fondness for the Dutch, but this year, I think Germany is going all the way. It’s hard when so many players you like and admire are spread across so many teams. Continue reading

UPDATED: National Teams Training Round Up

21 May

The national teams are training again and all is well in the world. Updates on some of our faves within. First though, in happy news, Juanin and Nando are joining La Roja for the upcoming friendlies! (UPDATED: I added some new photos) Continue reading

Cover Boys & Girls

16 May

So lately, there have been a bunch of appearances of some of our faves on magazine covers and in ads. First up, some GQ goodness from Die Mannschaft. Mmmm, Mats Hummel Continue reading

Die Mannschaft Cuties

3 Jun

Watishista maddy sent in some German goodies and I found a few more. The Germany-Austria game is just at the half now. (It’s 1-0 thus far on a goal from Mario Gomez at 44′ – Arne Friedrich assist). But here’s a few shots from training…
Continue reading